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Private Label | Wholesale Natural Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Private Label | Wholesale Natural Stretch Mark Removal Cream

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Private Label | Wholesale Natural Stretch Mark  Removal Cream

Neutriherbs stretch marks cream helps restores elasticity of the skin cannot resist excessive stretching, resulting in the rupture of the dermis. This product can effectively promote the synthesis of collagen, enhance skin elasticity, dilute stretch marks, replenish skin oils, moisturize and brighten, and prevent and treat stretch marks to the greatest extent.

OEM MOQ/Private Label: 500pcs

Private Label Service Support
* Free Sample
* Free design for logo & packaging
* Private label, Customized box, customized formula, and Package
* Lower MOQ, Bulk Produce, Delivery On Time

What We Offer
1. All OEM skin care products meet quality standards.
2. All goods will be inspected BEFORE each order and delivered in time.
3. Provide warm & friendly before-sale service & after-sale service.
4. All requirements will be replied to within 24 hours.

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Key Ingredient

  • Shea Butter: Restores skin elasticity, and has a good deep moisturizing effect.
  • Centella Asiatica Extract: Can promote cell growth, Accelerate skin healing, physiological functions, Such as soften cutin protein.
  • GlycerinEffectively prevent dry and cracked skin Moisturizing lock water
  • AllantoinSoothing, anti-sensitivity, anti-inflammatory, promoting cell metabolism, repairing skin


  1. Remove stretch marks cream, repair and smooth skin.
  2. Supplements natural skin moisture.
  3. Enhance the renewal of epidemic cells and revive aging and damaged skin cells.
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