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Imagine offering your customers a range of hand creams that not only carry your brand's identity but are also emblematic of luxury and effectiveness. At Amarrie, we excel in crafting private label hand creams that transform your product line, setting your brand apart in the competitive skincare market. 


With a rich portfolio of over 1000 proven formulations, we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and innovation in each product. Our commitment to natural, effective ingredients and cutting-edge skincare solutions positions your brand at the forefront of excellence, ensuring a distinguished presence in the global market. Choose Amarrie for a partnership that elevates your brand to new heights.

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elevating hand care with customizable hand creams

hot selling hand cream product brief

Explore the excellence of Amarrie Hand Creams, where precision meets skincare perfection. 

Discover the ideal nourishment and care for your hands, tailored for both B2B partners seeking quality products for distribution and B2C consumers in search of the best for their hands.

private label vitamin c hand cream

Private Label MOQ≥500PCS

Brand Wholesale MOQ≥120PCS

Active Ingredients

vitamin c, edelweiss extract, phytosterols, carnosine


cherry blossom scent

Skin Concerns

dullness, roughness, hangnail, dryness, cracked, itchy


Brightening: Boosts radiance, improves the look of uneven skin tone 

Doubles hydration: Immediately moisturizes and soothes the dry, cracked hands

Deep nourishment: Strengthens skin's moisture barrier

Avocado-like cream texture: Non-sticky, Non-greasy, No slipperiness, No mud

private label vitamin a hand cream

Private Label MOQ≥500PCS

Brand Wholesale MOQ≥120PCS

Active Ingredients

retinol, acetyl hexapeptide-8, acetyl glucosamine, asiaticoside


fresh green bamboo scent

Skin Concerns

aging, roughness, hangnail, dryness, cracked, itchy


Smooth Fine Lines: Improve rough hands, and reveal delicate, elastic hands

Deep Hydration: Improves hydration of the stratum corneum, and provides long-lasting hydration

Nourishing & Repairing: Deeply nourishing, improving dryness, repairing skin barrier

Avocado-like cream texture: Non-sticky, Non-greasy, No slipperiness, No mud

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pick wisely for your hand

Selecting the perfect hand cream is essential for achieving well-nourished and silky-smooth hands. At Amarrie, we recognize that making the right choice can be a challenge. 


Here are some key factors to consider when picking the ideal hand cream for your specific needs:

  • desired benefits

  • hand care needs

  • consider key factors

  • other factors

  • hand crea supplier

the benefits of using  cream 

Our hands are often exposed to drying agents such as soap and water, so hydration and moisture is essential to protect the skin barrier.  

The skin on the top of your hands is different than the skin on your palms. It is much thinner and has fewer sebaceous glands, which means it can dehydrate very quickly and show signs of aging earlier.

Moisturise your skin: Hands are exposed to various environmental stressors which can lead to dryness and moisture loss. A quality hand lotion is important to help restore and retain the skin's natural moisture, keeping your hands hydrated and soft. A hand cream can also create a defensive barrier to prevent moisture from leaving then skin. 

Nourish your skin: The best hand creams usually contain ingredients such as shea butter or natural oils that provide added skin-care benefits to help nourish, soothe and revitalise the skin. Additionally, if you massage the hand repair cream into your nails and cuticles, you will also promote healthy nail growth and overall hand health.  

Prevent premature ageing: The best hand moisturisers will often contain ingredients like antioxidants or vitamins which can boost collagen and therefore reduce or prolong signs of aging such as diminish the appearance of fine lines or dark spots. 

Strengthen the nails: Promote healthy nail growth and overall hand health.

Stress Relief: Our hands have many hand pressure points that help alleviate pain. The act of massaging a nice hand cream into your hands and fingers can help reduce stress and tension. 

Also, some of the best smelling hand creams are scented with beautiful fragrances, providing a pleasant and soothing aromatic experience which can enhance feelings of freshness and relaxation. 

which hand cream is right for me?

Our hands require special care, that’s why hand creams are different from the ones we use on our body. But which is the right one for each of us? 

1. Cream for cracked hands 

To combat moisture loss, look for hand creams that contain moisturizing ingredients with occlusive properties, as these will help seal moisture into your skin.  

Some of the best moisturizers for treating and protecting dry skin on hands are:  Vaseline, Shea butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Urea, Calendula, Aloe.

In winter, dry air causes moisture to evaporate from the top layer of your skin faster than usual. In these cold months, look for a rich hand cream with occlusive ingredients like shea butter or vaseline to lock in moisture and form a protective barrier. When the weather is not so dry, you can choose a cream with a lighter consistency. 

2. Anti-aging hand cream 

In fact, our hands are one of the first places on the body to show signs of aging and this is due to the thinness of the skin and the fact that they often exposed to sunlight.  

Prefer hand creams that contain: SPF, Retinoids, Vitamins C, E and B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides.

3. Anti-spot hand cream

Hands are an area where we often neglect to use sun protection. Hand rashes can appear on anyone, and they are mainly created due to excessive exposure of the hands to the sun. 

To deal with them look for creams that contain: SPF, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), Vitamin C.

4. Hand cream for eczema 

There are several reasons for hand eczema, for example contact with irritants such as dust, detergents, cleaners or even frequent hand washing.  

Some ingredients that soothe, calm and  in some cases, prevent eczema from destroying your skin are:  Shea butter*, Glycerin*, Lanolin*, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) – Can reduce redness from eczema by strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. 

*These moisturizing ingredients repair your skin and help it look healthier. Look for creams that list one of these first, second or third in the ingredients list.

5. Hand cream for chilblains

Chilblains appear mainly on hands and feet during the cold months, due to the intense cold and humidity of the environment. To treat them make sure to keep your limbs warm and use:  warming hand creams or creams containing calamine.

The best time to use moisturizers is after bathing, exfoliating, washing dishes, and before going to bed. For those with very dry hands, it is best to moisturize your hands every time you wash them, especially in winter months.

things to consider when choosing the best hand cream

Selecting the perfect hand cream involves thoughtful consideration of various factors tailored to your unique needs. Here are essential aspects to ponder upon:

Skin type

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the best performing hand cream is your skin type and concerns. 

Understanding your skin type is essential to choose a hand cream that addresses your unique needs. Are your hands dry, sensitive, oily, sun damaged or ageing? Knowing your concerns will guide your choice of cream. 

Moisturising Ingredients 

While choosing the best lotion for your skin, it is also important to pay attention to the ingredient list and look for the key ingredients that address your concerns.  

For example, luxury hand creams that contain shea butter are deeply nourishing and moisturising, while great hand creams for anti-aging will contain vitamins.   

Aloe vera is another natural ingredient which helps to hydrate, moisturise and soothe dry hands. It also supports the production of collagen and has anti-inflammatory properties.

additional factors to consider

In addition to the key considerations mentioned earlier, several other factors can significantly influence your choice of the best hand cream:

Fragranced or Unscented 

Another aspect you might want to consider when choosing the best hand cream is whether it is scented or unscented. Some people enjoy scented hand lotions for the pleasant aroma and the well-being properties.   

Depending on its fragrance, a scented hand cream can also help you boost your mood or make you feel calm and relaxed.  

There are many different types of scented hand creams, from fruity fragrances to floral fragrances and even spicy fragrances. To help make choosing a scent that best suits you, read our blog about the secret of scents and How to Find Your Ideal Soap Fragrance.   

Alternatively, an unscented hand cream which only contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera can be better suited for people who may have sensitive skin. Fragrance-free hand creams are also recommended for people who may suffer from some types of skin conditions.


Absorption is another factor to consider. During a busy day, some people prefer a lighter, non-greasy hand cream that can be absorbed quickly into the skin, so they don't have to slow things down too much.   

Finally, the texture and thickness of the hand cream and also be important. Lighter hand creams are ideal for daily use and for sensitive skin, while a thick hand lotion is often used at night before bed and are more moisturising and better for dry skin. Choose a texture that best suits your preference.

key factors when choosing a b2b hand cream supplier

When selecting a hand cream supplier for B2B purposes, several crucial factors come into play. Here's a comprehensive guide to help B2B customers make informed decisions:

Product Quality and Formulation 

Ensure that the supplier offers high-quality hand creams with formulations suitable for the intended market. Consider factors like ingredients, fragrance options, and customization capabilities to meet diverse customer preferences.

Customization Options 

A reputable B2B hand cream supplier should provide customization options. This includes the ability to create private-label products, adjust formulations, and incorporate specific scents or branding elements tailored to the business's needs.


Prioritize suppliers who have undergone quality inspections and hold relevant certifications to ensure product credibility.  

Customer Demands 

Understand the most common skincare issues and preferences of your target customer base to tailor your selection accordingly.

the production process of hand cream

The creation of high-quality hand cream involves a meticulous production process aimed at ensuring efficacy, safety, and a luxurious sensory experience. Here's an overview of the key steps involved:


Ingredient Selection and Preparation 

The process begins with the careful selection of premium ingredients. These may include shea butter, natural oils, vitamins, and other nourishing elements. Each ingredient is precisely measured and prepared to maintain the integrity of its properties.


Formulation Development 

Experienced formulators combine selected ingredients in precise ratios to create a formulation that aligns with the product's objectives, whether it's deep hydration, anti-aging properties, or soothing effects. This step involves balancing textures, scents, and the overall sensory profile of the hand cream.


Heating and Mixing 

The formulation undergoes a controlled heating and mixing process. This ensures thorough blending of ingredients and allows for the creation of a homogenous mixture. The temperature and duration of this step are critical in achieving the desired consistency.


Cooling and Homogenization 

The blended mixture is then cooled gradually, promoting homogenization. This step further enhances the stability and uniformity of the hand cream. During this process, additional beneficial components, such as aloe vera for hydration and soothing properties, may be incorporated.


Filling and Packaging 

Once the hand cream passes quality checks, it is filled into appropriate containers. Packaging considerations may include the use of pump bottles, tubes, or jars. Careful packaging preserves the product's freshness and prevents contamination.


Labeling and Branding 

The final product is labeled and branded according to the specifications of the B2B partner or the brand. This may involve the application of private labels, branding elements, and product information. The goal is to create a visually appealing and informative package.

the common pitfalls when purchasing

While hand creams are a staple in skincare, there are common pitfalls that individuals and businesses may encounter. Awareness of these challenges is essential to make informed choices and maximize the benefits of hand creams. Here are some common pitfalls to watch out for:

Overlooking Ingredient Sensitivities

Pitfall: Failing to check ingredient sensitivities can result in allergic reactions or irritations, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Solution: Thoroughly review the ingredient list, and if allergies or sensitivities are known, opt for hand creams with hypoallergenic formulations or specific ingredient exclusions.

Neglecting Nail and Cuticle Care

Pitfall: Focusing solely on hand moisturization without addressing nail and cuticle health may neglect important aspects of hand care. 

Solution: Choose hand creams with ingredients that promote nail and cuticle health. Additionally, incorporate specific nail and cuticle treatments for comprehensive hand and nail care.

Inconsistent Application

Pitfall: Irregular application of hand cream may lead to insufficient moisturization and missed opportunities for skin nourishment.

Solution: Establish a consistent routine for applying hand cream, especially after washing hands or when skin feels dry. Regular application ensures ongoing hydration and protection.

Overuse of Fragranced Products

Pitfall: Overuse of strongly fragranced hand creams may lead to sensory overload or irritation, especially for fragrance sensitivities.

Solution: Opt for lightly scented or unscented hand creams, especially in professional or shared spaces. Consider personal preferences and potential sensitivities when selecting fragrances.

Our Promission

When seeking practical marketing support from your supplier, promises of marketing support can often fall short of expectations. However, partnering with Amarrie ensures access to practical and actionable marketing assistance that goes beyond mere promises.

Our commitment to your success extends to providing tangible marketing resources, expert guidance on branding, and invaluable assistance in crafting effective promotional strategies. When seeking the support you need, it's crucial to be proactive and realistic in your expectations, understanding that Amarrie is dedicated to delivering real and impactful marketing support to elevate your business.

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the customize service that we offer

Choosing the right serum is a crucial decision for your skincare routine. To ensure you make the best choice, it's essential to be aware of common pitfalls and how to avoid them. 


Here, we highlight some of the most frequent challenges and offer solutions to help you navigate this journey successfully:

the flow chart of customizing your brand

Uncover the seamless process of turning your skincare vision into a reality. Our OEM flow chart outlines each step, ensuring transparency and efficiency in product development. From concept to creation, trust us to bring your ideas to life.

You would like to know the MOQ of your brand 

  • Existing formula and packaging: 500~2000 PCS of each item

  • Customized formula and packaging: ≥3000 PCS of each item

If you are a start up business owner, we suggest you wholesale our branded products, it could start from low MOQ, the initial capital requirements are also relatively low.

  • moq≥500 pcs

  • moq≥3000 pcs

  • moq≥3000 pcs

see your brand come to life by design

Elevate your brand's identity with captivating product design. Our team of skilled professionals will collaborate closely with you to create eye-catching packaging and labels that resonate with your target audience. Let your products stand out on the shelves.

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start your business with popular packaging

Packaging is more than just a shell; it's a reflection of your brand's commitment to quality and aesthetics.   Discover our diverse packaging solutions, meticulously chosen to enhance your product's appeal while preserving its integrity.

* this packaging moq is from 2000~5000 pcs

proven formula trusted by countless customers

The formulation is a crucial factor in whether a product sells well. Choosing mature formulas with years of experience and market validation can enhance your customer satisfaction.   


Amarrie has a team of 15 chemical engineering professionals with expertise in formulating over 1000 stable formulas of various types to match your ideas. This helps you achieve stable product sales and quickly penetrate the market.

our formula

All formulations crafted by Amarrie Cosmetics adhere to EU standards, guaranteeing the highest quality, crafted from natural ingredients, ensuring your clients receive nothing but the best.

our product

To make high-quality, We offer a wide variety of private label skin care & makeup products to meets your requirements. 

  • compliant with eu and fda standards

AMARRIE's formula is meticulously crafted to meet the stringent regulations of the EU and FDA, making it suitable for all skin types. Your unique skin concerns are fully addressed.

  • 8 Years of Success in Different Market

For over 8 years, AMARRIE's formula has been a staple in the Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and other European markets, and even some African and Middle Eastern market, benefiting more than 50,000 individuals with various skin types who have provided glowing reviews.

  • Exclusive Partnerships with Leading Agents 

We collaborate exclusively with four agents in South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Senegal. Their annual sales exceed $300,000, a testament to the trust and success they have experienced with our products.

fall in love with healthy glowing skin

We're passionate about bringing out the most innovative and natural skincare products.

testimonials: what our customers say

Our customers can trust that we use conscientious and sustainable practices at every step - from sourcing to manufacturing - to create the finest organic skincare available today.

exhibition experience

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in the skincare industry. Over the years, our dedication to these core values has propelled us to the forefront of the market. An integral part of this journey has been our active participation in numerous prestigious exhibitions.


  Our presence in these exhibitions has not only provided us with a platform to showcase our exceptional skincare products but has also allowed us to connect with industry leaders, skincare buyers, and procurement officers from around the world.

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frequently asked questions

For our B2B partners considering private label hand cream options, we've prepared an extensive list of frequently asked questions that delve into the details:

These detailed responses aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of Amarrie's capabilities and commitment to meeting the specific needs of our B2B partners in the lip balm industry. If you have additional inquiries or require further clarification, our dedicated team is readily available to assist you.

why choose us?

Amarrie is your trusted partner for premium body lotions that cater to both B2B and B2C needs. Our commitment to excellence, customization, and quality assurance sets us apart in the skincare industry.


We understand the challenges you face. Whether it's streamlining communication with our dedicated team or ensuring timely shipments to maximize your sales seasons, Amarrie is here to provide solutions. We are also vigilant against any certificate fraud by suppliers, safeguarding your interests.

Our B2B, wholesale model caters to the needs of procurement officers, skincare buyers, and distributors across the globe. With a factory boasting 18 cutting-edge production lines, we guarantee the highest quality and customization.  


Our products transcend borders, reaching Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. We are committed to providing top-tier skincare solutions, making us your ideal partner in the beauty industry.  


At Amarrie, quality is not a promise; it's a standard. Our skincare products are customizable to meet your exact specifications. Our rigorous quality inspections and certifications ensure that every product is a testament to excellence. With an efficient logistics network and flexible payment methods, we simplify the procurement process for you.

Professional Formulations

We offer over 200+ formulations with premium ingredients and effective results.

Natural & Cruelty-Free

Our skin care products only formulate with naturally derived ingredients, never tested on animals.

Low Minimums

The majority of our collection has minimums as low as 500 pcs. And some special product is 500pcs.

Free Design

Our designer team has more than 10 years of experience, and they have more than 1,000 brand design cases, we can provide you original, creative and attractive design that matches your brand style.

Marketing Material 

Free marketing materials (photos & video) can be provided for private label orders to quickly promote your brand. These free marketing materials can save you at least 2,000 USD.


We have a varied range of packaging options. If you have a packaging you like, you can also send it to us for reference, and we will select the most suitable packaging according to your product style.