NO.1 Can I order 20-100pcs as private label order?
Answer: Most of our products have a MOQ of 3000pcs to 5000pcs. And for new clients' first order, we have the lowest MOQ 500-1000pcs to help you build up your brand easily. If your quantity is lower than 500 pieces, you can choose Neutriherbs Brand to start your business. Our online wholesale store link:
NO.2 Can I customize the formula?
Answer: Customizing the formula is allowed. If you have your own formula, you can send the formula sheet to us.
NO.3 Can I change the package rather than your bottle size and box material?
Answer: Yes, of course! Please show us what you want. And the number of private labels will also depend on your new pack.
NO.4 I want to make a new product but I didn't find it on your website.
Answer: You can send the product details to our email. Our sales will contact you to talk to you in more detail. Shoot us an email at
NO.5 Can I add one or two ingredients to your formula?
Answer: If the ingredients are safe and meet the cosmetic use requirements, they can be added to the formula.
NO.6 Can I copy the brand?
Answer: Copy brands are not allowed; we will only accept a unique brand. And if the trademark you are attempting to use has already been registered, the customers need to provide the registration certificate before we start mass production.
NO.7 Can you help me design a logo or product packaging?
Answer: Yes, we can. And FREE OF CHARGE.
NO.8 Can I use my own packaging material because we have our own supplier.
Answer: We don't accept other packaging materials manufacturers that offer. We are a manufacturer, so we can do that for you.
NO.9 Can I change the color or smell of the product?
Answer: If we find it would be no problem after a check by our lab, we can certainly do that.

NO.10 Can I remove the perfume?

Answer: Yes, you can. Meanwhile, our team will suggest to you how we can keep a pleasant odor without using perfume.

NO.11 What certificates you have?
Answer: Our factory is GMPC & ISO certificated facility, and we can provide you raw material and product MSDS, COA to help you registered product in your country.
No. 12 What is the delivery time?
Answer: Normally, our delivery time is 45 business days after the payment and design be confirmed.

To get your order in a shorter time to catch a sales peak, shoot us an email at

We once helped a client in the USA finish a rush order of 50k face cream within ten days for the Christmas sale.

We have ever helped one of USA clients to finish a rush order of 50k face cream within 10 days for Christmas sale.

Something not covered? Just drop us a line at or leave us your message and we’ll get it taken care of ASAP!