Creating Your Own Private Label Skin Care & Body Care & Hair Care Line Has Never Been Easier

With over 13 years of private label skin care manufacturing experience, Amarrie makes developing your own unique line of skin or hair care as seamless as possible.

  • Professional Formulations

    We offer over 200+ formulations with premium ingredients and are effective results.

  • Natural, Organic, Cruelty-Free

    Our products prioritize naturally derived and organic ingredients, and are never tested on animals.

  • Full-Service Manufacturing

    We offer end to end production solutions, including contract manufacturing & graphic design.

Explore Our Best Selling Product Range

With a legacy spanning decades in the skincare industry, Amarrie has consistently led the way in crafting natural and organic skincare products. Our formulations are meticulously designed to exceed the performance standards expected by salon and spa professionals. 

Are you in search of a trusted supplier to enhance your skincare product range? Whether you're a burgeoning startup taking your initial strides or an established company in need of a reliable and innovative source, look no further—Amarrie has you well-supported.

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Skincare Manufacturing Services

Choose AMARRIE as your skincare manufacturing partner for a seamless journey from concept to market. Whether you're an experienced industry player or a budding entrepreneur, our diverse services cater to your unique needs. Benefit from our decades of expertise, top-notch formulations, and flexible solutions.

Your Vision, Our Expertise. Partner with AMARRIE for Skincare Excellence.

  • Wholesale

    Tailored for salon, spa, and small store owners. Purchase our skincare products in bulk at wholesale prices, enabling you to offer quality products to your customers.

    *For wholesale orders, our minimum order quantity is 120PCS (Around 450$).
    Wholesale Skincare Products 
  • Private Label

    Ideal for startups and new businesses. Choose from our existing range of proven skincare formulations and brand them as your own, allowing for a quick market entry. Same Formula, same packaginng with different logo and design.

    *The minimum order quantity for private label manufacturing is 500PCS (Around 2500$).

    Tailored for experienced companies with specific formulations and design requirements. We collaborate closely with clients to bring their unique skincare products to market.

    *To initiate an OEM/ODM project, our minimum order quantity starts at 3000PCS (Around 9000$).

Why Choose AMARRIE for Skincare Manufacturing?

At Amarrie, we go beyond the role of a mere supplier – we become your dedicated business partner. Your investment with Amarrie extends beyond acquiring skincare products; it's a strategic move towards securing the future of your brand.

Our premium, tailor-made skincare solutions are not just products; they're opportunities to enhance your profitability and captivate your customers.

Expertise and Experience

With 13 years of skincare product manufacturing expertise and a solid track record of 12 years in operating our own brand, we have successfully registered our brand in over 50 countries.

Our products are distributed across 180+ countries and regions, supported by a network of over 2000 brand agents and backed by the positive endorsement of over 1000 influential individuals.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

When you choose to wholesale our proprietary brand products, we go the extra mile by providing free influencer videos and images.

Additionally, we supply marketing materials showcasing our brand products. For those collaborating with us on OEM projects, our team of professional designers offers a tailored OEM resource package, including images and videos, at no extra cost.

This ensures you have the necessary resources for seamless promotional and marketing activities.

Diverse and Proven Product Range

Our extensive product portfolio comprises more than 18 scientifically proven, gentle, and effective skincare formulations.

These products are designed to meet the diverse needs of your business plans, providing you with the flexibility to cater to various customer preferences.

Fall In Love With Healthy Glowing Skin

Our formulators specialize in crafting and refining the optimal formulations. We exclusively offer top-tier, clean ingredients. Importantly, our commitment to ethical practices is reflected in the fact that our products undergo no testing on animals. 

We stand out by delivering exceptional and unparalleled offerings, ensuring your wholesale selection remains unmatched.

100% Natural Ingredient


Your Trusted Skincare Manufacturer

Private Label FAQ'S

Can I customize the formula?

Customizing the formula is allowed,the Minimum Order Quantity is ≥3000pcs. If you have your own formula, you can send the formula sheet to us.

Why our MOQ is 500pcs rather than 50pcs,100pcs?

Products must be filled by machines, not by handmade workshops. Machine filling can ensure the effectiveness and safety of the product.Qualified cosmetics must be produced in sterile workshops. Before the goods arrive at your warehouse, product will be go through high temperature or cold and bumps testing. If there is no spot checks, there will be problems such as leakage, delamination and deterioration, which will lead to consumer complaints.

We understand that there is no risk in investing in small quantities, but the formula of small batches can only be adjusted manually. The formula ratio cannot be accurately controlled, and the product status and effect of each batch will be we try to reduce the MOQ to 500pcs. We pay more attention to continuous repurchase of products, rather than one-time business, which will also make you lose your customers.

To produce your product, we don’tuse stock directly. Production will be arrange once you confirm the order, to make sure the production date is latest and you have enough time to sell.

 We are a manufacturer and we expect all orders to be in large quantities, but we also try our best to assist each customer's needs and cultivate more skin care product line entrepreneurs who has the ability and dreams.

Can I change the package rather than your bottle size and box material?

Yes, of course! Please show us what you want. And the number of private labels will also depend on your new pack. The MOQ usually will come to 3000PCS-5000PCS.