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At Amarrie Cosmetics, we have one purpose: to make high-quality, We offer a wide variety of private label skin care cleansers to meets your requirements, all of Made By Amarrie Cosmetics formulations comply with EU standards and are made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure your clients are getting only the best.

2021 Best Selling Private Label Facial Cleanser

Brightening Vitamin C Daily Facial Cleanser

Brightening & Glow Vitamin C Facial cleanser soothes and purifies for super clean, fresh and bright skin.

With complexion-friendly, non-drying, easy-rinse ingredients, low-foaming, mild for all skin types.


  • Cleansing, foaming and smoothing.
  • Gently, polishes and purifies.
  • Energizes and brightens.
  • Strategically formulated for all skin types.

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Our designer team has more than 10 years of experience, and they have more than 1,000 brand design cases, we can provide you original, creative and attractive design that matches your brand style.

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Packaging is important to your brand identity. We have a variety of standard packaging options and custom components, including custom boxes, labels, etc.

Advanced Ingredients

Quality ingredients make quality products. We made a promise to ensure that each ingredient or active we use is chosen based on scientific research.

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Looking for a quick turnaround? We have very low minimums 1000 pieces for private label facial cleanser, making it affordable to get your business started.

Texture For Facial Cleanser

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Formulations Verification

We have routine microbiological, safety, stability, and functional tests for each newly developed formulation to ensure the formulation is safe, stable, and effective.

Safety assessment

We practice various testing by using testing devices and an actual person's skin to inspect during the formulation development stage. Our goal is to develop lower-stimulated products, thus, we execute inspection on both raw materials and formulations.

Stability assessment

We perform both stability and preservative or additive challenge tests besides the routine microbiological tests to maintain high quality by detailed inspection of assuming all conceivable cases. Hence, we are confident that our refined products are secured to be utilized for a long period of time.

Functionality assessment

We implement various validation tests to confirm and validate the desired effect of each new formulation. Tests include the cell level such as the three-dimensional cultured skin model (reproduction of human's cell and skin) and observation of an actual person’s usage.

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