Neutriherbs® Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Wholesale/Private Label


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Neutriherbs® Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Formulated for the sensitive, dehydrated & damaged skin.

A concentrated serum made on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Multi-beneficial hydrating and plumping properties combat dryness and aging skin while providing balanced moisture to rejuvenate skins youthful glow.

Our Commitment
1. Quality Control System
2. GMP standard, FDA registered formula, mild for all skin type.
3. No animal testing, Alcohol-free, Non-greasy, and Silicone-free.®-hyaluronic-acid-serum-wholesale-private-label-suppliers



Amarrie Cosmetics are professional private label skin care manufacturers suppliers for Amazon/eBay sellers, providing most sold items and best beauty products on Amazon for your choice to customized your brand. By offering low minimum quantity and affordable price, helping you build brand loyalty, repeat business and to providing the highest quality, premium formulations and active ingredients to your customers.  

Neutriherbs is a brand of Amarrie Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The best affordable, natural and safety skincare brand, Neutriherbs offers some of the trendy and top-rated skin care lines and manufactures and markets products in over 40 countries. Suitable for middle and small business owners to grow or start the new business.


Support for the private label


1. Affordable & Low minimums - We get it; you need affordable, low minimums. We are a GMPC & ISO certified manufacturer. You can test the market to see if you want to add a new product line or a product line extension to your Brand. Low risk and a small investment.


2. Quick turnaround time-short delivery time - For online sale, time is the gold, our professional team will provide you quickest communication, design and production to catch your sale peak. We are China Alibaba TOP 10 favorite skin care suppliers in the year of 2015-2017.


Support for the wholesale

1. Product information documents

When the order is confirmed, we will send you the product information documents to publish the latest presentation templates for effective distribution. Save your time and let your customers see this product the first time.

2. Adequate inventory & Quickly shipment
We will guarantee an adequate inventory to supply the demand, and all of the product can be shipped out within 48-72 hours, avoiding out of stock. You don't need to keep big stock, good for your capital flows. Support FBA shipping.
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3. MAP price agreement
In order to achieve win-win business with all of our clients in the world, and meanwhile control the markets at a stable environment, all of the online sales need to follow our MAP price, to avoiding price war to make sure most of the clients can have enough profit margin.

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