Deeply Clean Series FAQs

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Deeply Clean Series FAQS: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, Coffee Body Scrub, Dead Sea Mud Mask, Charcoal Black Soap  

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

1. Is it the bubble mask natural?
ANS: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Ingredients
There are many ingredients contained within the carbonated bubble clay mask. Volcanic soil, Bentonite, Aloe extracts, Hyaluronic Acid and etc all work together to benefit your skin. There are some natural ingredients in these products and a few standard chemical products that you find in most skin care products that are designed to preserve and provide the texture to the product.

2. I noticed that after opening and using this product, it starts to foam in the container, even when it's tightly sealed. Is this an issue?
ANS: When the clay is exposed to the air, it will come into being the bubbles. Because only a little air in the bottle and surface material will be exposed to air, which is no influence on the quality and effect.

3.How long should it use on my face?
ANS: Push down on the sides of the top to disperse product and apply a thin layer to slightly damp skin. The formula will gradually transform into gentle, fizzing bubbles. Allow mask to sit on the skin for about 5-10 minutes until bubbles begin to dissipate. Massage face with fingertips and wash with warm water to remove. Pat dry and follow with a moisturizer. Recommended usage is 1-3 times a week. Avoid eye contact

4. How often should you use this?
ANS: 1-3 times per week.

5. What is skin type this mask suitable for?
ANS: It is recommended to use for neutral (mixed skin) and oily skin. Dry skin needs to be used with moisturizing products after used it. We don’t suggest the sensitive skin to use it or should test it before using.

6. Does this bubble mask have any side effect? Why is my skin a little itchy?
ANS: We added natural raw material, such as volcano soil, Bentonite, Trehalose, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, etc. All these ingredients effectively clean your skin, while the carbonate bubble may slightly stimulate the skin, but there are no side-effects on your face. Because of the slight irritation of carbonic acid, if it’s fewer bubbles, then less stimulation on your skin, which is without any side effects.

7. How does it work?
ANS: This carbonated bubble clay mask is mainly made up of volcanic soil which is rich in trace mineral elements and contains carbonic acid, it will be resolved into CO2 and water under the influence of body temperature and air, strengthen the cleaning effect with the help of volcanic soil bubbles.

8. Do I need to wash makeup off first?
ANS: Yes, we recommend washing your makeup off first, after then, you can use the bubble clay mask. After simply cleaning and thoroughly dry with a towel, then using our bubble clay mask, best used at night.

9. How to store it? Do I store this in the refrigerator or shelf?
ANS: We suggest you store this at room temperature. Not too cold, either too hot. Please avoid direct sunlight, also keeping it at the place which children can not reach. Just make sure it's sealed tight after opening.

10. What are the main ingredients?
ANS: Volcanic Soil, Bentonite, Ethyl Perfluorobutyl Ether, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), etc.

11. What is bubble mask?
ANS: Packed with Clay, this innovated carbonated mask cleanses, exfoliates, and unclogs pores. It bubbles as it sloughs off dead skin cells and lifts pore-clogging dirt and sebum. Its powerful nutrients also replenish the skin, softening and smoothing for a youthful glow. Most interesting is it will blister on your face.

12. How many uses can you get out of one tube?
ANS: You can use sometimes once or twice a week. One tube for about 3 weeks.

1Coffee Body Scrub

1. How to use the coffee body scrub?
ANS: In the shower, apply your scrub to areas with cellulite or other focused areas. Massage the scrub onto skin in a circular massage motion. Leave it to dry for 5 minutes and finish with a rinse. For best results, repeat every time you shower.

2. What is the function of Coffee Body Scrub?
• Reduces the appearance of cellulite
• Exfoliates dead skin
• Promotes blood circulation
• Boost Cell Turnover
• Hydrated your skin
• Targeting Stretch Mark

3. How often should I use?
A: We recommend 1-2 scrubs a week. You can also use 2-3 times, as per your skin situation.

4. Are the Coffee Body Scrub 100% natural?
A: Yes, we added 70% pure coffee seed powder in it. That’s the biggest percentage ingredients, also we added the other natural ingredients like coconut oil, sea salt, cocoa powder, sweet almond oil etc, they are all natural and good effects ingredients, without preservatives.

5. Can I use the scrub on my face?
A: Our body scrubs are designed for the body. Generally, we don’t suggest using on your face. The particles are much too large and would create micro tears on the skin. The skin might feel nice and clean but you're doing long-term damage with tiny abrasions.

6. How does coffee scrub works?
ANS: Coffee scrub helps to exfoliate by cleaning the dead and promotes blood circulation with small coffee particles. Rich contains caffeine, it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and targeting stretch mark. The essential oils moisturize your skin and leave you feeling fresh. Finally, you found your skin is more smoothing & cleansing.

7. Do your coffee scrubs contain any additives or chemicals?
ANS: No. Our main ingredients are coffee seed powder, coconut oil, sea salt, cocoa sea powder, sweet almond oil etc, do not contains any preservatives, alcohol, artificial fragrances, dyes, paraffin, parabens.

8. What should the things be noticed when using it?
Making sure our scrub is right for you
Even though our scrub uses all natural ingredients, it is best to patch test your skin before scrubbing. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and see your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, however, if contact occurs flush with water.

Keeping your scrub sealed
If scrub particles get stuck in your seal, we recommend that you try using a thin object to help you dislodge them, to keep your scrub sealed and protected.

Storing your scrub once opened
The best way to store your natural exfoliant is you keep it sealed and out of direct water stream in a cool, dry place.

9. How often should I use this to get fast results? How long does it take to show results on anti-cellulite?
A: We suggest to use 1-2 times per week. The biggest effect of this body scrub is exfoliating and remove dead skin, also can improve the appearance of cellulite and targeting Stretch Mark. You will notice your skin will feel softer and smoother after using 2-3 times. If you keep using our scrub regularly the results get just keep getting better and better. Normally, you can see results in one month.

10. Is it supposed to be very dry and gritty? Can I add a little water to moisten it?
A: Yes, it’s a little wet gritty scrub, because it’s the combines by coffee, sal, and sugar particles, so it looks gritty. Meanwhile, we added some coconut oil and sweet almond oil, so it’s a little wet. However, it’s still to dry if to use directly, therefore it’s better to wet your body before using.

11. How long would each jar last if it's used 3-4 times a week?
Normally, it’s around 1-2 month. Depends how much you're using and where you are using it.

12. Does it have granules in it for exfoliation?
A: Yes, it has granules. The coffee (salt&sugar) work for exfoliating.

13. Has anyone had a reaction to the caffeine in the product?
A: Different skin has different results. Therefore we suggest testing at an area first before using, to check if it’s suitable for your skin.

14. Does this help get rid of stretch marks?
A: Yes. It's targeted for stretch marks, cellulite, and dead skin.

15. Where your coffee from? What’s the percentage of coffee?
A: The coffee comes from Ethiopia, now known as Arabica. We added more than 70% pure coffee seed powder in it.

16. The scrub is very loose, why? Not convenient to use, it dropped all over the floor, how to do?
A: Yes, because it’s the combines by coffee, salt, and sugar particles, so it looks gritty and loose. We suggest wetting your body first before using. And it’s better to use during shower.

17. What is the difference from other brands?
ANS: The biggest difference is we use a 100% real coffee with superior quality, which comes from Ethiopia. This coffee scrub is more than 70% pure coffee seed powder and we mainly added the other natural ingredients like coconut oil, sea salt, cocoa powder, sweet almond oil etc, they are all natural and good effects ingredients, without preservatives.


Dead Sea Mud Mask

1. What is the difference of your dead sea mud mask from others?
a. Our Dead Sea mud is imported directly from the Dead Sea in Jordan. Our source is 100% pure Dead Sea mud.
b. Rich essential minerals to helps to pull the toxins out of the face & body.
c. Made from natural ingredients, without any irritation to your skin.
d. Original certificate of dead sea mud.

2. What is the function of the Dead Sea Mud Mask?
a. It helps to pull the toxins out of the face & body.
b. Deeply cleaning and removing dirt.
c. Mud from the Dead Sea is highly effective against pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes.
d. It draws out excess oils and toxins, cleans pores.
e. 100% natural skin care treatment, No harsh chemicals or artificial additives.

3. What are the benefits of dead sea mud mask?
a. Rejuvenates & Softens Skin
b. Draws out impurities & Clearpores
c. Tightens & Smooths out fine lines & wrinkles
d. Relieves dry, itchy or irritated skin
e. Relaxes sore muscles & Relieves aches & pains

4 How to use Dead Sea Mud Mask?
a. Apply a thin layer of mud mask to clean skin, when applying on face, avoid the eye and lip areas. Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes until dry.
b. Use warm water in circular motions to gently remove the mask. Pat dry with a clean cloth. Do not use more than once a week.

5. Does the dead sea mud mask need to dry before removing it for it to be effective?
ANS: No, though it's perfectly ok if it does. But not necessary for effectiveness, Simply follow the instructions on the back of every jar and rinse when the time is up for a moisturized, re-mineralized, smooth, soft, glowing look & feel!

6. What is so special about the Dead Sea?
ANS: The Dead Sea is the Earth's largest natural spa. Located on the lowest point of the planet, it abounds with a variety of minerals with proven therapeutic powers and cosmetic benefits. The life-giving waters of the Dead Sea contain the highest concentration of minerals in the world.

7. How does the Dead Sea Mud Mask work?
ANS: Dead Sea Mud Mask is a type of clay mask used as a beauty treatment for the skin on the face. This mud mask is designed to improve the appearance of the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells, deeply cleansing the pores, moisturizing, and tightening the skin for a younger looking appearance.

8. Can I use this mud everywhere?
ANS: You can apply it on face or body because you will see many enjoying the benefits of this amazingly therapeutic mud from head to foot.

9. How often can I use the Dead Sea mud mask?
ANS: It is often recommended that it should be applied 1-2 times per week. Those with oily or acne -prone skin may want to apply 3 times per week, while those with dry or combination skin may only apply it once or twice. People with sensitive skin should test any mud mask in a small area first, to be sure it will not cause an allergic reaction; it is probably a good idea to only use a mud mask once every week or two.

10. What are the full ingredients of dead sea mud mask?
ANS: Aqua, Dead Sea Mud, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Kaolin, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol.

11. Can I use the Dead Sea mud mask and coffee scrub together?
ANS: Yes. Coffee scrubs especially for body use and reduces the dead sea skin, cellulite and stretch marks etc. The dead sea mud mask is used for face and body, especially works for deeply cleansing.


Charcoal Black Soap

1. Why using the charcoal powder?
ANS: The charcoal has an ability to absorb into the pores on your skin and draw out the dirt and oils that are blocking pores. If you consist to use our charcoal soap, your face can reduce or eliminate acne, bumps, and blackheads. The soap is also good for your body for all over skin detox and it can help reduce pigmentation and make your hands look younger. Cleansing skin is the first step for our skin and everybody needs to do that.

2. Can your soap be used for sensitive skin?
ANS: Yes. It’s suitable for all skin types.

3. What is the function of charcoal soap?
ANS: a. Deeply cleanse and detoxify with activated bamboo charcoal. b. Drawing out impurities & clear out pores. c. Care for oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin types. d. Tightens & Smooths out fine lines & wrinkles. e. Moisturizing your skin with essential oil.

4. What are the active ingredients of this soap?
ANS: Palm Oil, Stearic Acid, Sucrose, Charcoal Powder, Aloe Leaf Extract etc.

5. Can this soap use on the body?
ANS: The soap is also good for your body for all over skin detox and it can help reduce pigmentation and make your hands look younger.

6. What is the feature of your charcoal soap?
ANS: a. It has a high adsorption of bamboo charcoal, The formula is mild & effective, suitable for all skin types. b. It helps to relieve the question of acne & pimple. c. It contains Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, which can moisturize your skin after using. d. You can use the charcoal soap with the body scrub or Dead Sea mud mask.

7. Is it the soap is 100% natural?
ANS: Yeah, all the ingredients are natural and without any harmful ingredients, Palm Oil, Stearic Acid, Sucrose, Charcoal Powder, Aloe Leaf Extract etc.

8. Do you have any certification? Does it have the animal test?
ANS: We have Material Safe Data Sheet, Certificate of Analysis. GMPC. It doesn’t have the animal test.

9. What is the difference with other brands?
ANS: a. The raw materials of bamboo charcoal derived from high-quality bamboo; b. 100% natural bamboo charcoal, it has a good capacity of adsorption, deeply clean and clear facial skin dirt and grease; c. You can use the charcoal soap with our Dead Sea mud mask to reach a double effect for cleaning.