Winter Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

Winter Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

Many of us think that it’s time to take our hands off from the daily skincare routine as the winters start, the humidity gets low. You may be able to spend less time blotting your nose and worrying about your skin but it doesn’t mean that your skin will turn back to its natural sebaceous production and will stop producing oils from your oil glands. Your winter skincare routine would require an extra place in your daily beauty routine. 

The people having oily skin might relate to the situation about greasy feeling on the skin and more shiny patches on skin being visible even from far away. We think that such a face is a blessing to have in the winters as cold weather snatches the oil from the skin and causes itchiness and irritation. But it’s not true in all its ways. Even those skins require more and special care whether it's winter or summer. Here are some of the tips for oily skin to take care of their skins in the harsh and cold weather.

Exfoliation and hydration

As winters start, we might think that our skincare routine would be changed totally. But exfoliation and hydration are something that remains intact. Your excessive oily skin is not something that would be suitable for the winters. You still need a good exfoliation to remove the excessive oil from your skin that makes your skin flaky. So, when winter hits, go for the gentle and hydrated exfoliate.

Water-based cosmetics

Opt for cosmetics that are oil-free on one hand and water-based on the other. It will help you to replenish the moisture that is lost on your skin. These products may include your foundation, concealer or BB creams, etc. 


While, during the process of getting rid of excessive oil, we remove that part of natural oil on our skin (sebum) which leads to unwanted dryness. Using a suitable moisturizer will help your process to be protected from unwanted breakouts and replenish water on your skin.

Do not rub

We might think that rubbing would help to make the skin absorb the ingredients applied on but in this process, we neglect the fact that rubbing only leads to more secretion of sebum. So instead of rubbing try patting your skin to soak up the goodness of the products.

Do not make your skin too dry
In the process of making your skin maintained, we forget one thing that once we remove the oil from the skin, the sebaceous glands will work hard to produce more sebum and this situation will ultimately lead to acne breakouts. 

Salicylic Acid

One of the major skincare routines to be added to your routine during winters is to replace benzoyl peroxide with salicylic acid, as salicylic is something good to make skin moisturized and tends to decrease inflammation. Try to use salicylic acid-containing toner once a day. Our salicylic-based gel cleanser will help you to eliminate excessive oil and bring a smooth look to your skin.

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