Top 5 Skincare Trends For 2022

Top 5 Skincare Trends For 2022

 A new year means new trends; fashion, make up style and even skincare. Skincare has always been constantly evolving. More and more companies are competing with each other to produce quality skincare products. According to experts stated in In Style and some in Vogue, there are five skincare trends everyone will be talking about in 2022. What are they?


The first one is micro-dosing. In the term of skincare ingredients, micro-dosing means using lower concentration of certain acids so you can enjoy using skincare without worrying too much on skin irritation. Dr. Shari Marchbein, as stated in In Style, considered it as appropriate dosing, not too high but not too low as well. Dr. Barbara Sturm offers The Good C Vitamin C Serum which reduces uneven pigmentation, improves skin tone and provides intense moisture and hydration. This serum contains 5% concentration of vitamin C so it is safe and gentles enough for your skin. Move to less expensive product, there is Paula’s Choice Daily Smoothing Treatment 5% AHA. This anti-aging exfoliant is formulated for dry skin. Another product which campaigns micro-dosing is Kiehl’sMicro-Dose Anti-Aging Retinol Serum with Ceramides and Peptides.

2.Refillable packaging

Refillable packaging appears to be the second trend to follow. Due to plastic problems, various brands are starting the trend of refillable packaging, such as Human race humidifying cream and Youth to The People. Even Yves Saint Laurent makes refills for its serum. Fermented skincare also appears as trend people will be talking about. Just like grapes turn to wine, fermentation process gives easier way of absorption and makes skincare more potent. A range of products feature fermented ingredients, such as cleansers, serum and masks. Glossier’s Cleanser Concentrate, for example, declares that the cleanser will exfoliate, clarify and re-energize skin in only 60 minutes with grape ferment inside. Inn is free offers firming energy neck cream with fermented soybean to help the skin look firm and smooth.

3.Skin barrier protection

Skin barrier protection is on the third trend. An easy way to make you understand how skin barrier protection is important is when your skin barrier isn’t functioning properly, your skin will be red or inflamed, dry, itchy and you might find acnes or other bacterial or fungal skin infections. Thus, beauty industry provides gentler and protective ingredient skincare products in order to maintain the skin barrier. There are Skinfix Barrier, Tata Harper Superkind Bio-Barrier serum and also Eta MD barrier Renewal Complex support the skin barrier protection.


Streamliners or multitasking formulas in skincare is quite common and effective because not only offers saving more money and time, these streamliners also provide additional skincare benefits. Ilia, for instance, formulates super serum skin tint SPF 40. Tower 28, in addition, delivers Sunny Days SPF 30 tinted sunscreen foundation.


As we are living in the pandemic era, we cannot guarantee our skin is free from blue light. Not only comes from sun exposure, blue light also comes from computer, cell phones and sadly the situation forces us to use those digital devices more without considering they will damage our skin. High energy visible light or blue light leads us to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and aging. The last trend is pre- pro- and postbiotic skincare. Those three aspects become one of the sources of healthy and balanced skin.

Those are five trends everyone will be talking about in 2022. Have you chosen the products to use? It is always okay to follow the trends but make sure the skincare products you choose are suitable for your skin type and condition. Good luck then!

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