The Perfect Facial Care Routine

The Perfect Facial Care Routine

Step 1: make-up removal

Do you sometimes feel like falling asleep after a long day or a wild night - without removing your make-up? We know - but we also know that removing make-up is a true guardian angel for our skin.

This important care step removes makeup and frees the skin from harmful environmental influences. Let your skin breathe thanks to micellar water again, cleansing oil and more!

Step 2: Clean

First, the make-up removal, then the cleansing: Immediately after removing the make-up, the cleansing foam and washing gel free the skin of stubborn make-up residues and thus prepare it for the next steps in the facial care routine.

Every skin type has its favorite cleanser. With normal skin, it is best to use a product with a lotion-like texture, which keeps the skin in balance and gives it a healthy radiance. For combination skin, on the other hand, a variant with a foam-like consistency is more suitable, which effectively cleanses oily areas of the face without drying out dry areas too much.

Different cleansing products can be used for oily skin, with which the skin is best pampered twice a day. Dry skin is particularly happy about treatment with cleansing products that have been specially developed for sensitive skin and provide extra moisture.

Step 3: Toners

A small recommendation for all those who have not yet fallen for the toner, also known as face tonic - off to the beauty cupboard with it! This beauty favorite removes the last residues and pollutants after cleansing and, at the same time, ensures that the pH value of the skin is rebalanced.

You can apply the toner to the already-cleansed face with a cotton pad. When choosing a suitable toner, it is also important to pay attention to your skin type and the corresponding labeling of the products, as well as - for gentle cleaning - to select products without alcohol.

Step 4: Serum

Face serums give you a real care kick for the skin with just a few drops. After cleansing, the active ingredients get deep into our skin and can meet our special needs so much better. They ensure a beautiful glow, reduce small wrinkles and make the skin glow from within.

It is best to pat the serum lightly with your fingers and then leave it on for about ten minutes before the next care step follows.

Step 5: Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, so we recommend a special eye cream for this area. This provides rich moisture and conjures up a fresh and alert look.

Our tip: For a cooling effect, you can keep your eye cream in the fridge and then apply it directly to the eye area.

Step 6: Face Cream

Last but not least: the face cream. The influences on our skin are diverse - and the creams with which we can pamper it are just as diverse. Which cream is the perfect match for your skin depends on your skin type. Let yourself be guided by the instructions for the individual products when choosing, but regardless of whether you have dry, normal, mature or oily skin: the right face cream is the last step in any facial care routine.

Insider tip: peeling & face mask

Another puzzle piece of the facial care routine is scrubs and face masks. However, these should not be incorporated into the care ritual every day but only once or twice a week – directly after cleansing.

A peeling removes dead skin cells and thus ensures a fine-pored complexion. Whether a peeling sponge or a scrub is the right thing for you is again determined by your skin type and individual preferences.

You can also round off your pampering program with a soothing face mask, which – individually tailored to your complexion – gives the skin moisture, elasticity and a beautiful glow.

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