The Outdoor Training of Amarrie in 2021 Come to A Successful Conclusion

In order to prompt the cohesion and execution power of the staff, Amarrie Cosmetics held an outdoor team-building activity on 10th April in Wulong Villa, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. With the theme of "Surpass Yourself, Create Solidarity, Improve the Team, Create the Future", the activity lasted for one whole day and was a complete success.


The event kicked off in the morning through a warm-up activity. Then 150 people were divided into 10 teams to join “The High Altitude Extreme Challenge” and “Floor Curling” competition.

At noon, the whole staff experienced the simplicity and beauty of country life by cooking with firewood. Then after a short break in the afternoon, 10 teams joined the "Water-Splashing Fighting "--attack the opponent with water-filled balloons by building bamboo Roman Trebuchet.

The event reached a climax in the finale project "Crossing the Block Line"--150 people, without any equipment, worked together as required to climb over a rope which was set 1.3 meters above the ground.

This outdoor training made us feel the power of the team, and believe that in the future, we will become more brave about the unknown and continue to break through ourselves. The unknowns and difficulties at work sometimes bring us fear. After experiencing this training, we realized that as long as we are united, all difficulties can be resolved, and we look forward to a better future for us.

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