The importance of cleansing

The importance of cleansing


Cleansing is the basis of any facial care program aimed at maintaining healthy skin. The skin is our interface with the world. It protects us from the sun, heat and light, and never stops repairing and renewing itself. Both extremely delicate and surprisingly resistant, it needs to be cleaned gently and regularly, then to be nourished and hydrated. To thoroughly cleanse the skin and take care of it as it takes care of us, everyone must first understand the specific needs of their epidermis, be attentive to its reactions to external factors, and choose a cleansing treatment. result.

The importance of cleansing

Cleansing participates in the skin's natural renewal process by eliminating impurities, bacteria, excess sebum and pollutants. The proper functioning of the skin depends on the cooperation of the epidermis, stratum corneum, hydrolipidic film and sebaceous glands


Cleansing promotes the skin to uplift the new cells by eliminating the old cells. It helps to keep the skin fresh and avoid skin spots like pigmentation or tanning.


Too aggressive cleaning of the skin deprives it of its sebum, which places it in a state of imbalance. The skin can then dry out, or on the contrary, produce even more sebum to self-regulate its protective barrier.

Choose a cleansing treatment

What we call a 'skin type' sums up, in a nutshell, all the functions your skin particularly performs: the amount of sebum it produces, the way it regulates its protective lipid layer, and its reaction to it. external factors such as heat, dry air, physical activity, diet and stress. We recommend the use of gentle cleansers specifically adapted to each type of skin and its specific needs.


Dry and sensitive skin requires a Vitamin E cleanser. It is a particularly gentle cleanser that avoids stripping their hydrolipidic film or disturbing the stratum corneum.


For oily skin, we recommend a Vitamin C cleanser that removes excess oil and rebalances the skin — without stripping it, as this could in turn increase the activity of the sebaceous glands.


The complex duality of combination skin requires a Vitamin C cleanser. It will effectively treat the oily areas of the face, without attacking the drier areas.


For normal skin, we recommend Vitamin E cleanser, as gentle as it is effective, which preserves the skin's balance. When choosing a cleanser, choose a texture and composition tailored to the individual needs of your skin.


Overall, cleansing your face should be a permanent part of your skincare routine. It is a very crucial practice to integrate with everyday life to promote good skin and further good health. Cleansing also helps to naturally provide the radiance and glow of the face. After cleansing proper hydration and nourishment is also required.



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