The importance of antioxidants for anti ageing

The importance of antioxidants for anti ageing

Anti-aging is based on three fundamental blocks , which are the key to increasing longevity and quality of life: diet, supplementation and physical exercise. There is no other secret.


Based on these three pillars, the specialist details the anti-aging habits that we can establish in our daily routine to increase our longevity and quality of life, as well as improve the appearance of our skin.


Performing physical exercise on a daily basis is a fundamental routine, since it activates and accelerates metabolism. The 'ideal' exercise to prevent ageing would consist of about 20-25 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day .


This implies that the sport has to be constant and at a certain level, although with a rhythm that allows carrying on a conversation at the same time, which means that it does not generate oxygen deficit or excessive fatigue. If you are a beginner, you can start by walking 30 minutes every morning at a brisk pace.


The rest of the time we have (the ideal is to reach 40-45 minutes a day), the best thing to do is to perform a strength exercise : weight work combined with functional exercise. If you are a beginner, you can start by walking 30 minutes every morning at a brisk pace.


Of course, the expert emphasises that, in all cases, we always talk about moderate exercise. At the moment in which we exceed the limit in which we demand from the body and we need a great demand for oxygen, what we accelerate is precisely oxidation (free radicals) and, as a consequence, ageing, an effect totally opposite to the one we are looking for.



It is definitely another of the most important anti-aging habits. Thus, fresh fish should be eaten 3 to 4 pieces per week, sea salt and olive oil for cooking and seasoning, as well as oranges, red fruits, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peppers, carrots, tomato, chia and 3 walnuts or almonds every night before bed. It is the perfect cocktail to combat the effects of age on the skin.

Be careful with the shopping cart

What we put in the shopping basket plays a key role in the health of our skin. Also, in how it resists the passing of the years. Thus, we advise you to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid pre-cooked foods and learn to read the labels of the packaged foods we eat.


It is always better to opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes, clean proteins (animal and vegetable) and essential fatty acids . A proper ratio of each of these components is the foundation of antiaging.


And, to start the day in a healthy way, always have green leafy vegetables in the fridge: spinach, arugula, lettuce, mint, chard... Add ice, water, a few drops of lemon and beat until you get a d-tox and anti-aging smoothie.


Bluefish and Omega 3

This is the best anti -inflammatory and usually becomes the nutritional measure with the most direct and positive impact on our health from childhood to old age. And for this reason, it is a central component of any anti-inflammatory diet. "Omega is the main supplement recommended globally to a population.


Obviously, it must be taken into account that Omega 3 is not going to remedy a deficiency of vitamin D or any important mineral, and depending on the health problem it must be combined with other nutrients, but if you have to take only one supplement, it should almost always be Omega 3.

In each case , the nutritional and health status of each person must be analysed and what other supplements should be prescribed to obtain specific benefits.



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