How should we find the best private label skincare manufacturers?

Quickly Create Your Own Brand Skin Care Products Step By Step-Part Two

How should we find the best private label skincare manufacturers?

We can find suitable suppliers through Chinese wholesale websites (,, etc.). The advantage is that you can find a lot of supplier quotations and compare prices with each other, and you can check the supplier qualification information provided by the website. Of course, if you have done market analysis before, you have a good understanding of the industry, and you know what quality and design you want. , The price of the product is recommended to these websites for purchase. The downside is that the above suppliers are confusing and not easy to identify. Too many choices also make it difficult for us to find a suitable supplier. After all, it is very difficult to choose the one that suits us among the most similar products. In addition, there are some suppliers who offer very low prices above, which is also a challenge for us to choose from.


Attend the Cosmoprof beauty fairs near you, which are usually held once a year. In addition to finding suppliers in China, you can also find suppliers from all over the world here to solve all your problems at one time. Usually, those who participate in these exhibitions are more experienced and powerful suppliers, and you can see real samples and trials on the spot, understand the industry situation and get professional guidance. The downside is that it only happens once a year.

You can also go to Google to search for the relevant content you need. Usually, Google searches will turn up some supplier websites and some blog articles. By searching, you will find many excellent brand websites. They also accept OEM or small batches, such as: (,, and After getting these websites, you can first check whether their websites are professional, and then initiate a consultation to see. If it is an excellent website, they will usually answer your questions professionally and quickly, and give relevant solutions quickly after understanding your needs. The disadvantage is that it takes many searches to determine which websites meet our needs. In addition, these websites may be phishing websites, which will cause your losses. How to distinguish bad websites and bad suppliers will be discussed in the following chapters.

 What are the channels for finding high-quality suppliers?

Go to the skin care product counter in your local shopping mall to find similar products (don't look for big international brands, look for some small brands of foundries), usually the manufacturer's name will be printed on the package, so that you can quickly find reliable and high-quality suppliers. But the disadvantage is that there are not many suppliers to choose from, the MOQ is very high, and it is not easy to find customer service for docking.


  • Understand the minimum order quantity

After finding a supplier, we started talking about how to realize our idea. Usually, we don't have much start-up capital, so we need to do what we want with the least amount of money. Usually, regular suppliers have a minimum order quantity (500, 1000, 2000), so why can't it be reduced? Because if it is a factory, their production capacity with the least equipment is this offline. No matter how little equipment, it cannot operate and the quality cannot be guaranteed. In order to ensure quality, the responsible factories strictly follow the ISO and GMPC production process and produce in the 100,000-level sterile clean workshop to ensure that there will be no quality problems in the products.

Then why is there still someone in the market who can provide 10 OEM products with a minimum order of 20? These products are pre-filled or filled by hand, and then have no labels and packaging. We will attach the labels when we order. Because they are pre-made, we cannot know the content of the ingredients in the products. A good supplier will be shoddy. The production date also cannot guarantee that it was produced recently, and it cannot solve the shelf life problems we encountered after sales.

So how do we choose? The most important thing in making products is quality.

We need to choose a supplier who can guarantee our quality and give us professional advice on the formula.

  1. We can first test-sell their stock brand products, which usually do not have minimum order requirements.
  2. We can ask them to do more when sending samples, and test the market with samples first.
  3. Generally uncommon packaging has high requirements on the minimum order quantity, we can use the general bottle on the market
  4. Try to remove the special process of carton printing (such as hot stamping, and hot silver), which will lengthen your delivery time


  • Learn whether the supplier has relevant qualifications

To find suppliers who can support your business' rapid growth, we must know how to identify good suppliers.

  1. A good supplier should have many years of experience in serving your country. After all, a supplier who is familiar with the import policy for cross-border trade will be able to help you solve the problem.
  2. Go to Google, Facebook, INS, and other platforms to see what they have posted. You can usually find their posts and see if they are professional through posts. There are also the number of fans and the maintenance of the platform. If we do, these suppliers can help us do social media marketing.
  3. Go to some websites (for example, Alibaba) to see if they have registered accounts, usually, these websites will have the qualifications of third-party verification suppliers.
  4. By asking the customer service of the supplier, let them give the certification credentials of the relevant factory. If the supplier has a brand, you can check whether their brand is sold on Amazon and other places.
  •  Understand what kind of assistance the supplier can provide
  1. Excellent suppliers can give you professional opinions. When you put forward ideas, they can give effective suggestions in line with industry safety and regulations according to your needs.
  1. The packaging design of skin care products, if the packaging is not well matched, it will cause serious problems. Reputable suppliers will take into account both cost and aesthetics. A professional design team will help you design the most beautiful and reasonable packaging. A professional laboratory can give recommendations that meet the FDA labeling requirements of various countries to ensure that the packaging meets regulatory requirements.
  1. The ingredients of skin care products are an important part of determining whether your products sell well. A good supplier will have some mature formulas that have been proven in the market for many years. These formulas are very suitable for the consumer experience, and these formulas can be used directly to make their own products. There are also some suppliers whose laboratories are very powerful and can do a lot of challenging tests before production so that they can make good products with the latest technology.
  1. The serviceability of suppliers is also one of the factors that we select them. In addition to providing good solutions, some suppliers have high-quality products and flexible cargo transportation arrangements. It can also give us a resource package for marketing and promotion, which is convenient for us to promote in the market (for example, we promote it on an independent website or on Facebook, they can provide videos and professional pictures), which saves us a lot of expenses in the promotion.

In addition to supplying goods to us, good suppliers can also support us in many aspects such as cargo transportation, product quality, professional advice, promotion assistance, and after-sales support. Therefore, we generally choose to cooperate with suppliers who can closely contact us and provide professional services.

Understand what kind of assistance the supplier can provide
  1. Develop your marketing plan

A good product is the foundation of your market, but marketing is a tool to amplify the sales of your product. Of course, you can also put the product on the mall or Amazon to get sales directly.

*Google Ads, through Google Ads, the traffic will be directed to our own independent site. The cost of diverting traffic to our own website through Google Ads is a little less. What you need to do with Google ads is accurate traffic matching. Only advertising in your own country and region can save money and get accurate traffic. In the form of code inserted by Google, each behavior entering the site can also be analyzed for the best conversions.

 *Social media drainage, the social media that make cosmetics usually have a lot of traffic are IG, FACEBOOK, TikTok, etc. It is a good choice to post videos on it and gather your followers. But in the early stage, you need to spend more time sharing your skin care experience, helping people solve their skin problems, and getting the initial number of fans to promote.

 *If we have a physical store, we should experience the offline experience plus an online promotion model to increase fans, and gather more users by encouraging fans to share product experience.

 *When the independent station has a certain sales volume, it can also send promotional emails to customers regularly to increase sales.

Develop your marketing plan

 Doing well in each channel requires a lot of energy and time. What we have to do is to summarize and analyze the data every day, and constantly adjust our advertising strategies to make them meet the search needs of more customers.

Beauty reviews and out-of-the-box testing are all the rage in the skincare industry, and market selection, difficult-to-pronounce ingredients, and dizzying marketing copy prompt skincare consumers to find answers and conduct online reviews before buying. We can publish content on our blog and Facebook to make ourselves trusted experts to help customers solve problems.

Running a business requires understanding the real needs of our customers, listening to their voices, and continuously improving customer experience. Slowly, we will gain brand accumulation and success.

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