Natural remedies to reduce dark circles

Natural remedies to reduce dark circles

Simple and healthy habits can naturally help reduce bags and dark circles. First, avoiding exposure to excessive heat sources, like tanning lamps, is best. The heat only exacerbates the issue because it adversely affects the microcirculation and causes the capillaries to widen even more. 

On the other hand, cold can aid in drooping eyes and reducing swelling. Applying cold chamomile compress to the area around the eyes can effectively treat dark circles. This flower contains bisabolol, a naturally occurring chamomile alcohol that constricts blood vessels and lessens the appearance of the dark halo.

An ice cube wrapped in a towel can be applied for a few minutes under the eyes to remove liquid stagnation, narrow the vessels, and reduce swelling.

For these two flaws to be eliminated, sound sleep is also crucial. To prevent blood clotting in the area around the eye contour, getting enough sleep each night is advised while elevating the head to a pillow two fingers high.

Nutrition can also aid in preventing swelling and sunken eyes. Some foods contain bioflavonoids, compounds that can support the healthy operation of blood vessels. These include things like berries.

Additionally, foods high in vitamin C, such as kiwis, citrus fruits, peppers, and asparagus, and foods high in vitamin K, such as grapes, plums, aubergines, and cucumbers, which strengthen capillary walls, shouldn't be missed from the diet.

It's also crucial to pay attention to your beauty routine if your eyes are puffy or swollen. First, you should always carefully remove makeup in the evening;

The creams

The ones that contain fospidine (phospholipids and glucosamine), a regenerating substance derived from soy and crustacean shells that helps produce collagen and elastin and encourage skin tissue regeneration, are excellent. Vitamins K and C are essential for a healthy diet and are also used in dermo-cosmetics to support microcirculation and prevent capillaries from clotting. Creams with glucosamine restore greater capillary elasticity and are recommended for the eye contour.

Effective aesthetic techniques for bags and dark circles

The specialist may decide to intervene with several aesthetic treatments specific to the type of blemish in the case of particularly accentuated bags and dark circles that do not improve with specific creams. The best ways to treat these two distinct skin issues also differ because they are two distinct skin issues, as was already mentioned.  

Hyaluronic acid for dark circles

Treatments based on pure hyaluronic acid are found naturally in connective tissue (such as the skin, tendons, and cartilage) and are essential for maintaining the skin's elasticity and deep hydration.  

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