Home remedies for skin tightening

Home remedies for skin tightening

If you want to be beautiful, you have to spend a lot of money and smooth skin can only be maintained with expensive creams or a trip to the plastic surgeon. Fortunately, this is not true, because there are home remedies that tighten the skin and naturally prolong a beautiful overall appearance.

We want to be completely honest: You can't stop the course of nature with this, but neither can "miracle cures" from the beauty market.

The most important things at a glance

  • The classics are cucumber and egg white masks as homemade home remedies
  • To tighten the skin, you can do small self-massages every day
  • You should drink at least 1.5 liters of fluids every day
  • A local salt peeling based on the Finnish salt massage is ideal for skin tightening
  • Two more tips from nature: simply make your masks from oatmeal and pieces of apple

A classic home remedy: protein

When most people look in the fridge, they are confronted with a well-known home remedy for tightening the skin: fresh eggs. With them, you can not only conjure up delicious dishes but also help the skin.

  • Separate egg yolk and white
  • Mix the egg white in a bowl with natural yogurt (30 grams).
  • Apply the paste to the skin and leave it on for half an hour
  • Wash off with warm water

Protein can be used as a home remedy to tighten the skin, as it not only removes everyday dirt such as sweat and dead cells as a gentle peeling but also delivers nutrients directly into the body's largest organ.

Cucumbers as a home remedy to tighten the skin

The classic cucumber mass is rightly a popular home remedy. On the one hand, the skin is tightened by the nutrients it contains and, on the other hand, by the moisture that is slowly transferred via the panes.

You can either slice the cucumbers and put them on directly or make a cucumber paste. Many people find the latter to be more comfortable, as the mask does not fall off immediately when sitting or walking. For the discs, on the other hand, you have to lie down during the entire application, which is nice on a wellness holiday, but rather impractical in everyday life.

  • Cut cucumber slices into small cubes (about half a teacup full)
  • Mix in some natural yogurt (50 grams).
  • Use the stir stick to create a paste
  • Apply the mixture and let it dry
  • Simply rinse off with water

Self-massage for skin tightening

Home remedies not only summarize things from the kitchen at home but also all means that have been tried and tested over generations and that can be used quickly and easily by private individuals. Self-massage is therefore also one of the household remedies to tighten the skin.

For the tightening, it is trained like a muscle: You take some skin between your thumb and forefinger and press it lightly. The "pinching" should be noticeable but not painful! If you repeat this several times a day, it tightens the skin through active promotion and blood circulation.

The simplest home remedy for skin tightening: water

Very few people would probably think of the keyword water when it comes to home remedies for beautiful skin. But the fact is that the skin cells are only healthy with enough liquid and therefore also look healthy.

If the organism lacks water overall, this is first seen in the skin as the largest human organ. The body "saves" the water for more important processes such as blood circulation. Since facial skin is already more sensitive, lack of water loses its elasticity and wrinkles to appear.

To provide the entire body (and thus also the skin) with liquid, at least 1.5 liters of water a day are mandatory. If you exercise regularly or sweat heavily due to heat or a stressful situation, it must quickly become two liters.

Salt as a home remedy for skin tightening

In many massage studios, Finnish salt massage or similar forms with salt as the focus are offered. But you don't have to make regular appointments, because this home remedy to tighten the skin can also be used in the shower at home:

  • Take a shower normally
  • Apply the salt to damp skin
  • Gentle massaging creates a peeling effect
  • After about ten minutes, rinse off the salt with warm water

This salt peeling removes skin flakes and the stimulation of the blood circulation ensures a better renewal of the skin cells.

Oats not only for breakfast

Maybe you like to eat muesli in the morning and therefore always have oats in the house? If this is not the case, it is still worth taking oatmeal with you when you go shopping next week. With them and normal tap water, you have a good home remedy in the kitchen to tighten the skin.

  • Mix oatmeal and hot water (or milk) into a paste
  • Simmer for about ten minutes and let cool
  • Apply the paste to the face
  • After a few minutes, the mask dries
  • Wash them off with warm water

The facial skin is thus supplied with nutrients and at the same time lightly peeled when the mask is removed.

An apple mask tightens the skin

You probably know the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. If you give your immune system a helping hand every day with fruit, you will get sick less often. And an apple can also be used externally, namely as a mask. As a home remedy to tighten the skin, the fruit is ideal:

  • Chop an apple with a grater (alternatively cut and use the hand blender)
  • Mix with some honey to form a paste
  • Apply the paste to the skin and leave on for 15 minutes
  • Then gently remove with water
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