Different Skin type needs Different Face Mask

Different Skin type needs Different Face Mask

We have always wanted to take better care of our skin, but for various reasons, we always put it off. We don't realize how many flaws we already have on our faces until time slowly passes and we become aware of them.

Don't worry, even though it's ideal to take care of our faces right away. To still see each other as young and attractive is never too late.

What mask should I use based on my skin type?

Knowing your skin type is the first step in selecting a new cosmetic because each dermis is a world and as a result, each one has unique properties and requirements.

In other words, if we don't know our skin type well, we might choose a product that isn't good for it. As a result, we might get issues like worsening the flaws we wanted to get rid of, allergies, irritations, itching, etc., rather than an improvement in the way our face looks.

Additionally, you should be aware that the type of dermis can change over time; for example, your skin may have been oily at one point in your life but turn dry later on. Because of this, it is ideal to regularly examine our skin to determine what it requires and how it alters over time.

different skin types


How can I determine what kind of skin I have?

First of all, you are going to choose a quiet moment in which you are not in a hurry and a place where nobody is going to disturb you. You will only need a mirror, so sit in front of it and carefully examine every part of your face, examining every detail, no matter how minor, as it will be important in the investigation of your dermis.

In order for you to compare each skin type to your own and determine what type of skin you have, we will now describe the key traits of each skin type.

Normal skin

It's possible that you have normal skin, which has the ideal balance and is in harmony because it isn't prone to oiliness or dry skin. However, since we may develop a different type of skin at any time, it is still important that we take care of it. The ideal situation is to maintain constant hydration.

Oily skin

Oily skin is very easy to identify, we usually realize it by its visible imperfections such as enlarged pores, greasy skin, excess shine, etc. It is true that in many people this skin is a process, that is, they only have it at certain times , especially in adolescence and youth, changing its appearance with maturity. This dermis needs more special care, since we must clean it in depth to unclog the pores and achieve a smooth face without blemishes. One of the highly recommended masks are the peel off ones.

Mixed skin

Given that it has both oily and dry features, this skin type is the most challenging to identify. While the rest of the face exhibits the peculiarities of dry skin (flaking, itching, irritation, etc.), the famous T zone exhibits the peculiarities of the oily dermis with its flaws (blackheads, pimples, excess shine, oily skin, etc.).

Since each area has very different needs, the best way to care for this skin is to use a different mask on each one. For this, we advise using multimasking, the practice of combining different types of masks to care for your skin.

Dry skin

This dermis also exhibits very recognizable flaws because it is unable to retain moisture on the face. As a result, it is constantly dehydrated and experiences flaking, irritation, redness, itching, etc. Additionally, it is typically a lifeless and dull face, so the ideal course of action is to treat it with hydrating and illuminating products.

Sensitive skin

This skin is the most difficult to treat, since it not only has physical peculiarities but also affects the health of our dermis . In general, consumers must exercise extreme caution when selecting new products because they must carefully consider whether the ingredients are safe for their skin. They might exhibit reactions to irritable substances.

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