Collagen: Benefits and how will it transform the skin?

Collagen: Benefits and how will it transform the skin?

We hear and read a lot about collagen but what does it do for the skin? Is it worth incorporating it into the daily routine? Why is collagen essential for smooth, healthy skin? We tell you all about this ingredient and active principle.


Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the human body and contains key amino acids that act as building blocks to hold tissues and bones together. That is, collagen gives skin its shape, strength, and elasticity. In short, it is the body's natural filler. And it's a fact: Over time, the skin's collagen depletes and fine lines and wrinkles begin to become pronounced.


Although collagen levels naturally decrease, the good news is that there are ways to give your face a boost through products rich in this star ingredient, whether as a food supplement in the form of drinkable ampoules or soluble powders or as a topical treatment included in serum, moisturising creams or eye contours.


However, keep in mind that it is just as important to protect the body's natural collagen as it is to strengthen new production. How? Through healthy habits such as protecting the skin from the sun, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, eating a balanced diet and, of course, a correct skincare routine. This will have a positive impact on the hydration of the dermis.

What Benefits Does Collagen Have On The Face?

Collagen is known to have moisturising properties when applied topically. In other words, the use of products rich in this protein will provide a youthful appearance to the face, in addition to improving fine lines and wrinkles by replacing lost collagen. And the good thing about this ingredient is that it has no contraindications, it can be applied both day and night. Your skin will thank you. Soothes dry skin, fades sun spots and even reduces skin redness.

Is It Better To Use Collagen Orally Or Topically?

If you decide to include collagen in your facial routine, you have to remember that healthy and radiant skin is a reflection of proper internal functioning. Yes, we are what we eat. And that is why the incorporation of collagen in the food routine together with moisturising creams rich in this ingredient is essential. The balance of both ways, topical and oral, is the key to success (and a healthy and youthful face).


Certain foods can also be added to the diet to improve the face and skin in general. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen synthesis, so fruits and vegetables like oranges, bell peppers, and strawberries are great for giving your natural supplies an extra boost. On the other hand, a balanced diet with adequate proteins, whether of plant or animal origin, will maintain the natural levels of collagen at an optimal level for a youthful, luminous and firm complexion.


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