Benefits of hydrating skin

Benefits of hydrating skin

If (like so many of us) you started the New Year promising to drink more water, we've got just the motivation you need! Read on for some healthy skin care tips you might not know about how optimal hydration is key for healthy skin.

How important is hydration?

Only drinking enough water is not sufficient to have hydrated skin. The customers should understand that having a product that can directly affect the skin is also a requirement. Drinking water works from the inside of the body while a moisturiser or a serum can help to maintain and enhance the skin from the outside.


We've all heard it said that drinking enough water will give you healthy glowing skin, but what goes on beneath the surface when we're making an effort to stay hydrated? Daily, our skin is subject to damage from the exposome - external factors such as pollution and UV rays that tend to harm our skin - that damages the skin barrier functions. We're all familiar with the effects of dehydrated skin, with our complexions appearing dull, dry, cracked, and in need of a refreshing skin boost.


When skin is properly hydrated from the inside, you rebuild skin barriers and these barriers are reinforced, helping to prevent the appearance of damage linked to aggression from the exposome, as well as limiting the ability of certain bacteria and allergens to penetrate the skin. What does this mean in practice? Skin that doesn't only look - and feel - better, but that's able to perform its protective role more effectively.

Tips to hydrate skin

Now that we've examined how proper hydration helps the skin on the inside, it's time to look at what we can do to maximise its effects on our complexion. Hydrating skin on the inside goes hand-in-hand with moisturising skin on the outside, so look for healthy skin care products featuring ingredients that maximise water retention, such as glycerin lotion and hyaluronic acid moisturiser. These will help to lock in much-needed moisture whether it's summer or you have dry skin in the winter.


To get your skincare routine to a good start, it's important to begin with a skin booster or hydrating serum, as their finer texture is formulated to thoroughly penetrate the skin's epidermal layers. Follow with a serum and a day cream to lock in the benefits of the previous step while providing a protective, intensely moisturising layer for your complexion.


Finally, don't forget that topically rehydrating skin on a regular basis - particularly after a session at the gym, where skin is not only dehydrated but less rich in minerals - is extremely important. During periods where the skin is prone to dehydration, treat your complexion to the best products for dehydrated skin like a refreshing Thermal Water facial mist.

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