9 Synthetic Ingredients You Must Avoid In Your Next Skincare And Beauty Product Shopping

9 Synthetic Ingredients You Must Avoid In Your Next Skincare And Beauty Product Shopping

Synthetic skin care product refers to ingredients produced in the laboratory according to the structure and likeness of a natural ingredient. Some synthetic skincare ingredients are excellent for the skin, while some are toxic and can lead to health issues. These toxic ingredients are usually added as an inactive and active agents. But the bio-synthetic ingredient like vitamin A, Vitamin E, or Vitamin C has incredible safe and amazing benefits. If producers focus mostly on producing bio-obtainable synthetic ingredients, the number of dangerous lab-produced products will reduce.


Unfortunately, the number of toxic skincare ingredients is increasing in different mainstream and personal skincare brands. So, to avoid using a toxic ingredient, knowledge is your friend, which is why this article is written, to increase your knowledge to know what to buy and avoid.


9 Skincare Ingredients to avoid


The following ingredient can irritate your skin and damage it. First on the list is:


  1.       Diazolidinyl urea and Imidazolidinyl Urea 


According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, these chemicals are toxic to the skin and could cause dermatitis.


  1.       The paraben family (Butyl paraben, propyl paraben, and ethyl paraben)


They are an extremely deadly chemical that can trigger rosacea, allergic irritations, and rashes on your skin. The fact that paraben is present in cancer tissue is adequate motivation to avoid it and other “parabens” for that matter. Avoid any skincare product with parabens; there is absolutely no good news about using them, unfortunately, they abound in most synthetic products.


  1.       Petroleum jelly or petrolatum


This oil encourages UV damage, chapped, and dry skin problem. Instead of buying a product with petroleum jelly, look for Un-petroleum jelly because it is an organic option and safe to use. In case you are wondering what is wrong with petroleum jelly? What is wrong is that it is a derivative of gasoline creation. Does it sound like something you would want on your skin?


  1.       Propylene glycol

This is a kind of mineral oil cosmetic that is also present in industrial antifreeze, automatic brake, and hydraulic fluid.


  1.       VA/PVP copolymer


It is a small chemical element and a tiny plastic that is seen in people with lung tissue problems. This is a big no-no, stay away!


  1.       Sodium lauryl sulfate


This chemical has a long list of sensitivity reactions like skin rashes, eye irritation, flaky scalp, and hair loss. The chemical is that dangerous, it is a wonder that producers still include it in products like shampoos, bubble baths, and virtually all lather-producing brands in the market.


  1.       Stearalkonium chloride


This is another allergic causing dangerous chemical you must avoid


  1.       Synthetic colors (fragrance, perfume, parfum, and fragrance oil)


When you see one or several of the above-named scents in skincare products, do not use them. There are several 100s of such fragrances undisclosed but use in a synthetic product. Their side-effects include dizziness, headaches, hyperpigmentation, rash, vomiting, violent cough, etc.


  1.       DEA (Diethanolamine)


It is dangerous to the immune system, an irritant to the skin, and could lead to a condition called carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Always look out for these products before buying any skincare and beauty products. Constant usage could harm you.


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