7 Skin Transforming Tips for The Fall Season

7 Skin Transforming Tips for The Fall Season

While the summer solstice is gradually making room for the fall season, it’s necessary to change your skincare routine because each season comes with its unique weather condition that affects the skin differently. The autumn season causes humidity reduction and chilly climate conditions. Falls create room for the use of radiators, and it causes dry skin.

The change in season is a natural phenomenon hence uncontrollable, but the effects on your skin are controllable, and you can even manipulate skincare products to achieve the best skin condition throughout the season. Below are some tips that can help you retain healthy, supple, and hydrated skin all through the fall season.

1. Moisturizers:
Moisturizers are the primary ingredients for skin health; in the fall, their usefulness is significant in achieving and retaining healthy skin because it helps to fight dryness keeping the skin hydrated. Go heavy on moisturizing creams because it is advisable for the weather. The use of products that has fatty acids will support the body’s naturally occurring fats to keep the skin constantly moisturized.

2. Reduce exfoliation:
During the summer, when the humidity was so high, body exfoliation was necessary to remove excess waste from the skin and prevent skin clogging that causes acne, blackheads, and others skin problems. In the fall, the humidity is low, skin dryness reigns, and waste production is less. Therefore, Constant exfoliation is not necessary as it can cause severe itchy skin and dryness.

To avoid exfoliating the skin, keep away from ingredients like Glycolic acid and retinoid; instead, use alpha hydroxyl acid-base treatment pads. Alternatively, you can use a mask once every week to assist in eliminating discoloration.

3. Get a humidifier:
Buy a humidifier to counter the reduction in humidity; this will help in boosting hydration in your home.

More practical ways to boost skin health this coming fall:

4. Maintain a smooth and soft foot:
For the reason that your body including your feet will be shielded from cold regularly in closed shoes and boots for a long period, exfoliate weekly. If at any time you experience dryness, use feet peel to care for your legs.

5. Sunscreen:
Even though the weather condition discourages relaxing on the beach, it does not mean you should throw away your sunscreen products. It is advisable to use sunscreen every day in autumn because sun rays don’t go away, it beams through the overcast, and constantly exposing your face without protection could harm your face.

Unlike the summer when you need heavy sunscreen application with high SPF, you need SPF 15 during the autumn season for perfect protection against the weather.

6. Use facial oil:
Using oil or oil-based products during the sweating summer period was forbidden, but not in the fall. In the cooler period where humidity is low, you need to constantly use facial oil that can nourish any skin type.

7. Don’t forget hand cream:
The autumn is the perfect time to go around with a small hand cream pack in your handbag or purse. Also, fight cuticle dryness with cuticle oil.

You cannot wish away any seasons you don’t like, but you can make the best use of them. And one of the easy ways to adapt to the weather is to change your skincare routine.
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