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lip balm categories and considerations

hot selling lip balm product brief

Welcome to the epitome of lip care—Amarrie's Lip Balm, a fusion of opulence and efficacy designed to redefine the standards of skincare. Whether you're a discerning B2B partner or an individual seeking unparalleled lip care, our lip balm transcends expectations.

private label vitamin e balm

Private Label MOQ≥500PCS

Brand Wholesale MOQ≥120PCS

Active Ingredients

vitamin e, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, soybean oil

Skin Concerns

chapped lip, dry lip


24HR MOISTURE: Help prevent water loss and soothes dry, irritated and itch lips.

SOFTEN: Help generate new skin cells, making your lips softer.

PROTECT: Help protect lips from the sun, high-quality Vitamin E can protect lips from the UV rays.

High-quality Light Oils, Non-sticky, non-greasy, no lard mouthpiece

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pick wisely for your lip

Lip balm is a wax-like substance you apply to moisturize and ease pain caused by chapped or dry lips. Due to thin skin, lips are vulnerable and usually display signs of dryness before other areas of the skin. Lip balm helps protect lips from dry air, wind, and cold temperatures.

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  • consider key factors

  • other factors

  • lip balm supplier

what does a lip balm do?

When you need a little glossy boost, sticks of lip balm are an excellent choice. They are easy to carry and allow you to instantly add moisture while on-the-go. They’re so effective because they are highly concentrated with lip-soothing ingredients. 

Since they’re are void of water, they deliver lubrication directly to your lips. Their formulation also means they do not need excess preservatives. If you are someone who seeks lip balms that are free from nasty chemicals, this fact will be important to you. Before you buy, look for lip balms that are preserved using essential oils and/or vitamin E.

Besides being lightweight and convenient, the major advantages include:  

  1.  Super concentration: You can apply less to achieve the same results as alternatives like lotion and petroleum jelly. 
  2. Faster healing: The skin on your lips is thinner than elsewhere on your body. The extra hydration allows it to heal more quickly.  
  3. Plumper look: Simply applying it can plump up your lips. When they are dry, they actually shrink in size.
  4. SPF Protection: Some lip balms contain SPF protection that shields your lips from sun damage – keeping them healthy and young-looking.

understand your lip needs: navigating the depths of lip care

Choosing the perfect lip balm requires a nuanced comprehension of your specific lip care requirements. Understand your lip care needs can help you make an informed decision:

Hydration for Dry Lips: Seek lip balms enriched with ultra-hydrating ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, or hyaluronic acid to combat persistent dryness. These components act as moisture magnets, ensuring your lips remain supple and well-nourished. 

Healing Chapped Lips: Prioritize lip balms with potent healing agents, such as beeswax or ceramides. These ingredients form a protective shield, aiding in the restoration of chapped lips and preventing further discomfort. 

UV Protection for Outdoor Enthusiasts: For those exposed to the elements, opt for lip balms fortified with SPF. Defend your lips against the sun's harmful rays during outdoor activities, ensuring they remain shielded and cared for.

Antioxidant-rich Formulas: Consider lip balms infused with antioxidants like vitamin E or green tea extract. These components not only nourish but also shield your lips from environmental stressors, promoting long-term lip health.

Exfoliation for Smoothness: If seeking smoother lips, choose balms with gentle exfoliating agents such as alpha hydroxy acids. These aids in removing dead skin cells, revealing a softer, more radiant lip surface. 

Anti-Aging Ingredients: Addressing signs of aging? Look for lip balms containing retinol, peptides, or antioxidants. These ingredients stimulate renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines and promoting a youthful lip contour.

By delving into these nuanced aspects of lip care, you empower yourself to select a lip balm that not only meets but exceeds your unique lip care needs. Whether you're a B2B partner navigating consumer preferences or a B2C customer on the quest for the perfect lip balm, this comprehensive understanding ensures an informed and gratifying choice for your lips.

factors to consider when choosing the perfect lip balm

When selecting the right lip balm, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure an optimal choice for your lip care needs. These factors include:

Lip Condition: Assess whether your lips are dry, chapped, or in need of protection. Different lip balms cater to various conditions, so understanding your lip's current state is crucial.

Ingredients: Examine the ingredient list for nourishing components such as shea butter, coconut oil, or hyaluronic acid for hydration, and consider avoiding potential allergens or irritants. 

Sun Protection (SPF): If you spend time outdoors, prioritize lip balms with sun protection factor (SPF) to shield your lips from harmful UV rays. 

Specific Concerns: Address specific concerns, such as anti-aging properties with ingredients like retinol, peptides, or antioxidants, or exfoliating agents for smoother lips. 

Texture and Consistency: Choose a lip balm with a texture and consistency that aligns with your preferences. Some may prefer lightweight options for daytime use, while others may opt for thicker formulations for nighttime repair.

Flavor and Fragrance: Consider your personal preferences regarding flavor and fragrance. Lip balms come in various scents and flavors, so selecting one that appeals to you enhances the overall experience.

Allergen Awareness: Exercise caution regarding potential allergens in lip balms, especially if you have sensitive skin. Conduct a patch test before widespread use to ensure compatibility and minimize the risk of adverse reactions.

By taking these factors into account, you can confidently choose a lip balm that not only addresses your immediate lip care needs but also enhances your overall lip health and experience.

other factors for ideal lip balm

Taking these additional factors into consideration will contribute to a more well-rounded decision when selecting a lip balm that suits your preferences and meets your unique lip care requirements.

Long-lasting Moisture: Look for a lip balm that provides long-lasting hydration. This is especially important if you have persistently dry or chapped lips, as you'll want a formula that keeps your lips moisturized throughout the day.

Ease of Application: Consider the application method. Some lip balms come in convenient stick forms, while others may be in pots or tubes. Choose a format that suits your preference and lifestyle for easy and hassle-free application. 

Tint or Color Options: If you desire a hint of color or a natural tint, opt for lip balms that offer subtle pigmentation. This is ideal for those who want both lip care and a touch of color without using additional products.

Cruelty-Free and Ethical Practices: For those who prioritize ethical considerations, choose lip balm brands that follow cruelty-free practices and adhere to ethical standards in their manufacturing processes.

Lifestyle Integration: Consider when and how you plan to use the lip balm. Some may be better suited for daytime use, while others may be more suitable for overnight repair. Ensure it complements your daily skincare routine.

  •  Daytime Use: Choose a lip balm that can be comfortably worn throughout the day, providing hydration without a heavy or sticky feel.  
  • Nighttime Use: Select a more intensive lip treatment with nourishing ingredients for overnight repair and deep hydration.

By considering these, you can choose the perfect lip balm that aligns with your specific lip care needs and preferences. Whether you're a B2B partner exploring consumer preferences or a B2C customer seeking the ideal lip balm, this comprehensive guide ensures a well-informed and satisfying choice for your lip care regimen.

By considering these, you can choose the perfect lip balm that aligns with your specific lip care needs and preferences. Whether you're a B2B partner exploring consumer preferences or a B2C customer seeking the ideal lip balm, this comprehensive guide ensures a well-informed and satisfying choice for your lip care regimen.

choosing lip balm supplier for your business

When a B2B customer is in the process of selecting a lip balm supplier, several crucial factors should be taken into consideration to ensure a strategic and successful partnership:

Ingredient Quality: Ensure that the serums contain high-quality ingredients that are effective and align with the preferences of your customers.  

Brand Positioning: Choose a brand series that aligns with your market positioning and caters to the specific needs of your target audience.  

Certifications: Prioritize suppliers who have undergone quality inspections and hold relevant certifications to ensure product credibility.  

Customer Demands: Understand the most common skincare issues and preferences of your target customer base to tailor your selection accordingly.

the production process of lip balm

Embark on a journey through the meticulous artistry that defines the production process of our exceptional lip balm. At Amarrie, each step is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of skincare excellence.


Step into a realm where every lip balm is an artistic creation, embodying the passion and expertise that define Amarrie's commitment to skincare excellence. Welcome to the enchanting description of the production process of Amarrie's exceptional lip balm.


Innovative Formulation

Our journey commences with the art of formulation, where our experts curate a blend of premium ingredients. Shea butter, coconut oil, and hyaluronic acid are harmoniously combined to create a nourishing composition, setting the stage for a unique and enriching lip balm.  


Precision in Mixing

Meticulous mixing is the next act in this process, as skilled technicians blend ingredients with exacting precision. The result is a homogenous mixture that encapsulates the essence of quality and consistency, a hallmark of our lip balm.


Heating and Cooling Elegance

A controlled dance of heating and cooling follows, ensuring the lip balm achieves an ideal texture. This delicate balance transforms the formulation into a product that effortlessly glides onto the lips, delivering lasting hydration with a sensory allure. 


Pouring with Precision

The mixture is then poured into molds with meticulous care, where art and science converge. Each mold is filled with precision, shaping the lip balm into its distinctive form and size. 


Setting and Solidifying

The poured lip balms gracefully undergo a setting and solidifying phase. This metamorphosis from liquid to velvety balm defines the product's texture, ensuring a luxurious and effective application.


Packaging Expertise

The final stage involves our packaging experts, who meticulously encase each lip balm. Reflecting the essence of Amarrie, our eco-friendly packaging choices echo our commitment to responsible skincare practices.

the common pitfalls when purchasing

In the pursuit of the perfect lip balm, it's crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls that may arise during the purchasing process. At Amarrie, transparency and informed decisions are paramount. Here's a guide to help you navigate common pitfalls:

Misjudging Lip Care Needs

Pitfall: Selecting a lip balm without considering your specific lip care needs.  

Solution: Evaluate whether you need hydration, healing for chapped lips, sun protection, or other specific benefits. Choose a lip balm that aligns with your unique requirements.

Overlooking Ingredient Analysis

Pitfall: Neglecting to thoroughly analyze the ingredients in the lip balm. 

Solution: Scrutinize the ingredient list for potential allergens or irritants. Ensure the formulation aligns with your preferences and skin sensitivity.

Ignoring Texture Preferences

Pitfall: Disregarding the importance of texture and consistency in lip balm selection.

Solution: Consider whether you prefer a lightweight or thicker texture. Tailor your choice to match your comfort and daily activities.

Neglecting Allergen Awareness

Pitfall: Failing to consider potential allergens in the lip balm. 

Solution: Be conscious of your skin's sensitivity. Conduct a patch test before widespread use to prevent adverse reactions.

Our Promission

When seeking practical marketing support from your supplier, promises of marketing support can often fall short of expectations. However, partnering with Amarrie ensures access to practical and actionable marketing assistance that goes beyond mere promises.

Our commitment to your success extends to providing tangible marketing resources, expert guidance on branding, and invaluable assistance in crafting effective promotional strategies. When seeking the support you need, it's crucial to be proactive and realistic in your expectations, understanding that Amarrie is dedicated to delivering real and impactful marketing support to elevate your business.

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the customize service that we offer

Choosing the right serum is a crucial decision for your skincare routine. To ensure you make the best choice, it's essential to be aware of common pitfalls and how to avoid them. 


Here, we highlight some of the most frequent challenges and offer solutions to help you navigate this journey successfully:

the flow chart of customizing your brand

Uncover the seamless process of turning your skincare vision into a reality. Our OEM flow chart outlines each step, ensuring transparency and efficiency in product development. From concept to creation, trust us to bring your ideas to life.

You would like to know the MOQ of your brand 

  • Existing formula and packaging: 500~2000 PCS of each item

  • Customized formula and packaging: ≥3000 PCS of each item

If you are a start up business owner, we suggest you wholesale our branded products, it could start from low MOQ, the initial capital requirements are also relatively low.

  • moq≥500 pcs

  • moq≥3000 pcs

  • moq≥3000 pcs

see your brand come to life by design

Elevate your brand's identity with captivating product design. Our team of skilled professionals will collaborate closely with you to create eye-catching packaging and labels that resonate with your target audience. Let your products stand out on the shelves.

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start your business with popular packaging

Packaging is more than just a shell; it's a reflection of your brand's commitment to quality and aesthetics.   Discover our diverse packaging solutions, meticulously chosen to enhance your product's appeal while preserving its integrity.

* this packaging moq is from 2000~5000 pcs

proven formula trusted by countless customers

The formulation is a crucial factor in whether a product sells well. Choosing mature formulas with years of experience and market validation can enhance your customer satisfaction.   


Amarrie has a team of 15 chemical engineering professionals with expertise in formulating over 1000 stable formulas of various types to match your ideas. This helps you achieve stable product sales and quickly penetrate the market.

our formula

All formulations crafted by Amarrie Cosmetics adhere to EU standards, guaranteeing the highest quality, crafted from natural ingredients, ensuring your clients receive nothing but the best.

our product

To make high-quality, We offer a wide variety of private label skin care & makeup products to meets your requirements. 

  • compliant with eu and fda standards

AMARRIE's formula is meticulously crafted to meet the stringent regulations of the EU and FDA, making it suitable for all skin types. Your unique skin concerns are fully addressed.

  • 8 Years of Success in Different Market

For over 8 years, AMARRIE's formula has been a staple in the Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and other European markets, and even some African and Middle Eastern market, benefiting more than 50,000 individuals with various skin types who have provided glowing reviews.

  • Exclusive Partnerships with Leading Agents 

We collaborate exclusively with four agents in South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Senegal. Their annual sales exceed $300,000, a testament to the trust and success they have experienced with our products.

fall in love with healthy glowing skin

We're passionate about bringing out the most innovative and natural skincare products.

testimonials: what our customers say

Our customers can trust that we use conscientious and sustainable practices at every step - from sourcing to manufacturing - to create the finest organic skincare available today.

exhibition experience

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in the skincare industry. Over the years, our dedication to these core values has propelled us to the forefront of the market. An integral part of this journey has been our active participation in numerous prestigious exhibitions.


  Our presence in these exhibitions has not only provided us with a platform to showcase our exceptional skincare products but has also allowed us to connect with industry leaders, skincare buyers, and procurement officers from around the world.

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frequently asked questions

For our B2B partners considering private label lip balm options, we've prepared an extensive list of frequently asked questions that delve into the details:

These detailed responses aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of Amarrie's capabilities and commitment to meeting the specific needs of our B2B partners in the lip balm industry. If you have additional inquiries or require further clarification, our dedicated team is readily available to assist you.

why choose us?

Amarrie is your trusted partner for premium body lotions that cater to both B2B and B2C needs. Our commitment to excellence, customization, and quality assurance sets us apart in the skincare industry.


We understand the challenges you face. Whether it's streamlining communication with our dedicated team or ensuring timely shipments to maximize your sales seasons, Amarrie is here to provide solutions. We are also vigilant against any certificate fraud by suppliers, safeguarding your interests.

Our B2B, wholesale model caters to the needs of procurement officers, skincare buyers, and distributors across the globe. With a factory boasting 18 cutting-edge production lines, we guarantee the highest quality and customization.  


Our products transcend borders, reaching Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. We are committed to providing top-tier skincare solutions, making us your ideal partner in the beauty industry.  


At Amarrie, quality is not a promise; it's a standard. Our skincare products are customizable to meet your exact specifications. Our rigorous quality inspections and certifications ensure that every product is a testament to excellence. With an efficient logistics network and flexible payment methods, we simplify the procurement process for you.

Professional Formulations

We offer over 200+ formulations with premium ingredients and effective results.

Natural & Cruelty-Free

Our skin care products only formulate with naturally derived ingredients, never tested on animals.

Low Minimums

The majority of our collection has minimums as low as 500 pcs. And some special product is 500pcs.

Free Design

Our designer team has more than 10 years of experience, and they have more than 1,000 brand design cases, we can provide you original, creative and attractive design that matches your brand style.

Marketing Material 

Free marketing materials (photos & video) can be provided for private label orders to quickly promote your brand. These free marketing materials can save you at least 2,000 USD.


We have a varied range of packaging options. If you have a packaging you like, you can also send it to us for reference, and we will select the most suitable packaging according to your product style.

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