How Can You Protect Your Skin In Winter?

Our sensitive skin takes a toll when the weather gets cooler. But that doesn’t mean we can’t prep for cold weather.
Fall is the perfect time to repair any skin damage from the summer and guard against upcoming dry skin, winter we should pay more attention to moisturizing. Personally, my oilier skin enjoys the dryness of the winter, but I was curious to know how any skin type can benefit from a simple summer-to-winter skincare routine.
Simple reboots to your skincare routine for the winter months can have a big impact on your skin’s health, according to Dove Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba. Below, check out Dr. Barba’s Five tips for caring for your skin in the fall and winter months.
1. Lay off the intense exfoliation
We probably exfoliate way more than we should in the hopes that intense rubbing off dead skin cells daily will improve skin. Though, according to Dr. Barba, this can actually dehydrate it. “Over-exfoliating can strip the skin of its essential oils, leading to breakouts in the dryer, colder months”, she says. Stick to a gentler scrub, just once a week. Neutriherbs Coffee Scrub, only once a week, to help you have more smooth and beautiful skin.
2. Invest in a hydrating cleanser
“Dry skin is more than just unsightly and uncomfortable, it can lead to serious skin problems such as worsening of eczema, psoriasis and cause winter itch”, says Dr. Barba. She suggests investing in a hydrating cleanser that counterbalances the toughness of winter skin. We suggest Neutriherbs Hydrating series face wash.
3. With gentle exfoliation, comes moisturization
“Use a moisturizer that hydrates the skin cells that have been rubbed off to avoid any unnecessary skin complications.” Neutriherbs body lotion, not only firming, moisturizing for your skin.
4. Go to bed a little greasy
Bedtime is the best time to hydrate your skin, so don’t be afraid to seriously moisturize. If you’re looking to decrease collagen breakdown, Dr. Barba suggests these three quick steps before hitting the hay: 1. Wash your face. 2. Apply a retinol. 3. Moisturize.
Face Wash, Retinol Serum, and Night Cream, to protect your skin
5. Jumpstart pigmentation repair with a gentle peel
A lot of women worry about pigmentation after summer because they’ve noticed brown spots from being in the sun. Though, that doesn’t mean that you should be so quick to get a harsh peel that can leave the skin vulnerable to outside elements. She recommends a gentler peel with mild exfoliation to remove unsightly dark spots and lightly exfoliate the skin. And use the Neutriherbs Whitening Cream, to fade sunspots.

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