Natural Exfoliating Feet Peeling Mask

Feet Peeling Mask – Natural Foot SPA Exfoliating Foot Mask

Quantity for private label: 3000-5000 pc
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The skin of the sole is thicker than other areas of skin on the body and therefore old dead skin cells easily accumulate. This occurs because of the load on the skin due to the pressure and friction of weight or exercise. "Sole Nice" penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works on the desmosomes between the skin layers, enabling easy peeling. The dead skin peels off due to metabolism and friction which occurs every day. In addition, "Sole Nice" contains 17 types of natural extracts with high moisturizing power. After peeling, the sole of the foot is reborn just like a baby’s. "Sole Nice" is a total foot care product not only for peeling rough skin but also for maintaining a healthy foot.

It can remove the thick horny layers on the feet immediately to turn the foot skin delicate, tender and white; it can clear the bacteria on the feet and between toes at the same time….

Main Ingredient

Macadamia oil: make skin moist, active and shining

Glycerin: Soft and moisturizing

Aloe essence: boosting the skin's ability to retain moisture

How to Use 

  1. Wash your feet with warm water.
  2. Open the pocket and foot masks.
  3.  Wear vinyl socks over foot masks.
  4.  After 20-30 minutes. 
  5. put off the vinyl socks and foot don't need wash the feet again.