Amarrie Cosmetics is a professional mascara makeup manufacturer and provides a series of mascara makeup formula including Volumizing Mascara, Lengthening Mascara and Waterproof Mascara etc. Our specially blended formula contains key ingredients to lengthen, add volume and nourish the lashes. No more clumps, hard to remove mascara that pulls the lashes off. This product is specifically formulated to add the length and volume without losing your beautiful lashes. 

Hottest OEM Mascara Private Label 2021

Frequently Questions about Mascara in the Marketing

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we have different formula options

Oily Translucent Gel- Focuses on creating a natural finish with a natural, separated, distinct look

Oil-based Natural Black Gel- Focused on the effect of makeup, lengthen effect is more significant. In addition to the original semi-transparent texture improved after application of makeup effect.

Oily Black - Focuses on "lash extensions" for a naturally volumizing, lengthening, curling eyelashes.

Oil-Based Charcoal Black - Focus on " extensions to each tiny lash" for a volumizing and curling eye look.

According to customer requirements, by adjusting the ingredients, matching a series of meticulous adjustments such as suitable brush heads, fulcra, inner plugs, etc., can we truly make a competitive market and a distinctive mascara.

Mascara Cream

Led by senior engineers from Germany, Japan and China, the R&D team brings together the industry's top research elites with 17 years of technical precipitation. The product quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Brush head

Made of Dupont hollow fiber nylon imported from Japan, the thickness of each layer of bristles, the twist, and the three-dimensional elevation of the entire brush head are all designed by the professional engineers after deeply research and development.

Inner plug

Imported rubber material, according to the characteristics of different brush head, customize its outer mouth diameter, the size of the inner aperture, thin and thick.


Carefully select the best material, according to the final target effect of the product, adjust its diameter width, perfect decimillimetre is the target of our detailed quality control.

Wet Fiber - Oil-based Waterproof  - Selling Points

Precisely lifts each short lashes, curls without collapsing, and provides excellent definition. 

Put a "raincoat" on your eyelashes to maintain a sophisticated look while exercising.

Precise color customizing, high saturation, high-noticeable color.

Oily skin no longer needs to worry about Smudging and raccoon eyes in the summer. Beautiful makeup can be all day wear.

Containing plant fibers, squalene, and collagen, this mascara helps to nourish and smooth lashes.

Wet fiber-washable -Selling Points

Easy to remove (warm water can remove makeup by moistening 15~20s)

The lash elongates 1mm with each brush, repeatedly apply infinite extension. Long-lasting, natural lengthening curl effect.

The paste film-forming formula, with a fixing film factor, adheres to the eyelashes in a scaled form to form a protective film, which is tightly wrapped with the fibers. It is waterproof, sweat-proof and Smudge-proof.

Nourishing and repairing ingredients, plant fibers, without synthetic plastic fibre, will not damage eyelashes.

Volumizing Mascara & Lengthening Mascara-Before & After

Volumizing Mascara

Private Label Volumizing Mascara Voluptuous Volume. Intense Length. Full Lash Fringe, Feathery Soft. Our mascara for voluptuous volume. Soft wavy bristle brush holds maximum formula for a dramatic volumizing charge. 200 plus bristles catch every lash for a full fringe effect. Smooth glide formula provides silky volume in 1 coat. Lashes are feathery soft to the touch.

Lengthening Mascara

Private Label Lengthening Mascara specifically formulated for sensitve eyes that visibly smooths and defines lashes while applying color along the entire lash. Formulated with polymer to define and smooth the lashes. Lashes look separated and structured from the root to the end. Double sided, smoothing brush to intensify lashes. Use as a lengthening mascara.

Mascara MOQ: 6000pcs

Our Factory

We have strong capability in research, machines, and quality control


Professional product R&D team. We have more than 20 years of experience in cosmetics research and development. Our senior engineers specialize in skincare products, from the over the counter brand to the professional beauty salon product line. They had participated in the Lancôme, VOV Mentholated OEM development project and the counter brand - Marjorie Bertagne.


We are the first company in China to introduce whole emulsification units of Germany brand IKA, to achieve full automated and full monitoring production. Homogeneous IKA head is the core of cosmetics production process to ensure the world-class quality products. Besides we have error correction system diagram by realization of bar code recognition and management of raw material, intelligent error correcting ingredients, feeding, discharging and management to eliminate the production process man-made faults to improve efficiency and quality.

Quality Control

Quality Control Our factory is certified by ISO22716 and GMP, and all production processes meet Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice. Besides good quality system control, we have systematic process for products verification from formulation research (safety, stability, and functionality assessment), samples build, to mass production products (raw materials testing, online & offline inspections) to make sure the products quality is good when deliver to customers. We have strong quality assurance team which with 6 sigma black belt and certified quality engineer background.

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