Private Label Eyeliner-Cruelty Free Makeup

A simple line can change your eye shape and makeup looks , and even change your original temperament, allowing you to have a pair of pure or charming eyes. Different eyeliner styles make entirely different eye makeup looks . Gently eyeliner help to let your lashes look darker and fuller . And a sharp , precise lines is suitable to create cat eyes or a softer winged eyeliner look . If you are a skilled makeup enthusiast who pursues different makeup effects , liquid eyeliner is right for you . And if you are new to makeup , you can start with pencil eyeliner . 

Private Label New Arrival Waterproof Makeup Eyeliner 

The eyeliner are perfect gift to lovers, friends, families. And smudge-proof, eyeliner waterproof are suitable for various occasions, weddings, parties, shopping, etc.

 Also hold one 2-3 seconds, vegan eyeliner will dry out and won't stain your eyes at all. With a quick-dry and long-lasting formula, the liquid makeup eyeliner is highly smudge-proof and will not budge unless removed with a makeup remover.

Lightweight, portable, easy and convenient to carry out in your handbag, also goes smoothly, can create the perfect eye makeup. Vegan & No animals test, the eyeliner private label is also the perfect idea for starting your own business.

Private Label New Arrival Waterproof Makeup Eyeliner Pencil 

Made of safe and gently ingredient material, vegan eyeliner pencil is suitable for all type skin. The long wear eyeliner is also easy to remove with makeup remover, clean and fast, and no worry about pigmentation. Goes smoothly when using, waterproof eyeliner pencil can help create perfect lined eye makeup. Eyeliner pencil private lable suitable for most of common life makeup as well. And organic eyeliner pencil can not only be used by yourself, but also be a great gift for lovers, friends and classmates.

Private Label New Arrival Waterproof Makeup Liquid Eyeliner  

No more tugging or pulling on your eyelids with this easy glide Expert Liquid Liner. The smudge-proof liner is rich in color, creating a long lasting defined look. The fine tip brush creates easy and precise definition for natural or dramatic eye effects.


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