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As a manufacturer, the normal MOQ is > 5000pcs. However, for our first order customers, we can provide the MOQ500pcs for private label. High cost-efficiency is our goal to support all small-to-medium businesses. Only with this we will win together.


Our ingredients are natural, without any ingredients that harm the skin. Cruelty-free&Vegan free. Aseptic environment production, in line with GMP, ISO to ensure product quality issues.

Private Label Body Lotion


Professional design team service for you to customize your brand. Tube, bottle and box, all can be printed with your brand LOGO. The free marketing materials (photos & videos) can be provided for private label orders to quickly promote your brand. 


Professional sales follow up your order with high quality service. All your questions can be answered in time to speed up the order process.

 Popular Private Label Body Lotion

Private Label Collagen Body Lotion

Private Label Collagen Body Lotion

Helps deeply moisturize the skin

Smoothes fine lines

Leaves skin smooth, plump and elastic

Private Label Argan Oil Body Lotion

Deeply moisturizes and accelerates circulation of skin moisture

 Soothing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal

Strengthens the natural skin protection barrier

Private Label Argan Oil Body Lotion
Private Label Vitamin C Body Lotion

Private Label Vitamin C Body Lotion

Moisturizes and nourishes

Removes oxygenated free radicals and brightens skin tone

 Light texture gives skin a refreshing and non-greasy feeling 

Private Label Whitening Body Lotion

Whitening, brightening and moisturizing

Composed of natural herbal ingredients

Repairing daily damaged skin 

private label aha serumPrivate Label Whitening Body Lotion
private label niacinamide serum

Private Label Vitamin E Body Lotion

Replenishes skin with moisture

24 hour intense moisture for very dry skin

Soothes sensation of tightness 

Non-greasy and non-sticky

If you just start skincare product line and don't want keep much stock and take a high risks, you can consider taking our brand Neutriherbs. We have various sales support, and our brands are also very popular all over the world. If you have enough budget, then you can customize your brand. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Neutriherbs Brand WholesaleNO MOQ
Private Label or No LabelMOQ500pcs


100% Natural Ingredients

  • Vegan
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Synthetic Fragrance
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Alcohol-Free

The ingredients of our products are harmless to the skin and are hypoallergenic. Our products are alcohol-free, heavy metal-free, and adopts a mild preservative system and plant flavor extracts. We have carefully selected high-quality suppliers to get the best raw materials.

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