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Private Label 9 Colors Eye Shadow Palette

Private Label 9 Colors Eye Shadow Palette
A brighter, bolder edition of our Amarrie Cosmetics, the six eyeshadow palettes are the perfect summer companion, no matter where you're headed.

1.Power - 9 Colors Shadow Palette (Purple)
2.Space - 9 Colors Shadow Palette (Blue)
3.Reality - 9 Colors Shadow Palette (Red)
4.Soul - 9 Colors Shadow Palette (Orange)
5.Time - 9 Colors Shadow Palette (Green)
6.Mind - 9 Colors Shadow Palette (Yellow)

How to use:
1.Dipped into the amount of eye shadow powder evenly between the entire eye sock.
2.Aggravated color along with the lash roots, creating a three-dimensional shadow gradient.

Let us develop your next generation of pressed eyeshadows. Our expert R&D staff will pull from the most current raw materials to create a soft, high pigmented, and long-wearing 4 colors eyeshadow palette.

We have more than 20 years of custom cosmetics experience that is easy for us to help your vision become a reality.

No Flying Powder, Intense Color, Instant light

Private Label Service Support
* Free Sample
* Free design for logo & packaging
* Private label, Customized box, customized formula, and Package
* Lower MOQ, Bulk Produce, Delivery On Time

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