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Our products are distributed across 180+ countries and regions, supported by a network of over 2000 brand agents and backed by the positive endorsement of over 1000 influential individuals.

Scientifically Proven Skincare Formulas

Our formulations are time-tested, hypoallergenic, free of harmful additions, and we only use naturally derived ingredients

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Low risk and high return, reduce financial pressure, support the stable growth of your business

Trusted Brand with a 12-Year Legacy

With solid track record of 12 years in operating our own brand, we have successfully registered our brand in over 50 countries

Comprehensive Marking Promotion Support

We provide free promotional pictures and videos to our wholesalers. We have a wealth of influencer promotion videos

hot selling products 

We understand the importance of budgetary considerations and aim to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Please note that we only process orders with MOQ≥120PCS. ( Budget Around $450 per order)

hot selling products 

We understand the importance of budgetary considerations and aim to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Please note that we only process orders with MOQ≥120PCS. ( Budget Around $450 per order)

hot selling products collections

Empower your business expansion with our plant-powered skincare hot selling collections, ensuring your clients achieve smoother, fresher, and more radiant skin.

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customers all over the world trust neutriherbs to expand their business

Neutriherbs has garnered nearly 100 industry certifications, solidifying its reputation as a trusted and certified skincare solution. The brand is officially registered in more than 50 countries, with product distribution extending to over 180 countries and regions. 


With over 2000 brand-agent customer groups and the active endorsement of over 1000 influencers, NeutriHerbs has earned industry recognition and customer acclaim—a compelling testament to the inherent value of the brand.

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You understand your business and customers better than anyone. Let us assist you in expanding your product line to boost your sales.

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Select the products you and your clients will love.

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Sell the beauty products to your customers in-person or online.

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When ready to restock, simply come back and place a new order.

reliable brand trusted by countless customers

In the business landscape, reliability is key. Our brand, rooted in a commitment to unwavering dependability, consistently provides products and services that stand the test of time. From cutting-edge scientific formulas to resilient solutions, we uphold the highest standards of quality.

our formula

Providing everything your skin craves, and nothing it doesn't. Our skin-friendly formulations exclude harsh chemicals and superfluous additives, while embracing enriching botanical extracts to enhance the complexion.

our mission

Neutriherbs is driven by a decade-long commitment to creating gentle yet effective skincare products. We prioritize the latest scientific research and proven active ingredients for optimal results.

  • adhering to eu and fda standards

Our precision-crafted formula at Neutriherbs complies rigorously with the standards set by the EU and FDA, ensuring suitability for all skin types. Tailored to address your individual skin concerns.

  • A Decade of Success in Diverse Markets

Neutriherbs has been a key player in the skincare market for over a decade, achieving success in Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, as well as various European, African, and Middle Eastern markets. Our formula has garnered praise from over 50,000 individuals with diverse skin types.

  • Strategic Alliances with Leading Agents

We maintain exclusive partnerships with top agents in South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Senegal. Their annual sales surpass $300,000, a testament to the trust and success they have experienced with our exceptional products.

Neutriherbs has earned its reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. Now, it's your turn to experience the assurance of quality. Take the first step towards wholesale partnership and elevate your business with our dependable products. 

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Our formulators specialize in crafting and refining the optimal formulations. We exclusively offer top-tier, clean ingredients. Importantly, our commitment to ethical practices is reflected in the fact that our products undergo no testing on animals. 


We stand out by delivering exceptional and unparalleled offerings, ensuring your wholesale selection remains unmatched.

what our customers are saying

Neutriherbs is the preferred choice of dermatologists, medical spas, and estheticians. Our commitment extends beyond products; we aim to cultivate enduring relationships with our customers.

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amarrie cosmetics

“Good products meant good business”

Amarrie is your trusted partner for premium skincare supplier that cater to both B2B and B2C needs. Our commitment to excellence, customization, and quality assurance sets us apart in the skincare industry.    


We understand the challenges you face. Whether it's streamlining communication with our dedicated team or ensuring timely shipments to maximize your sales seasons, Amarrie is here to provide solutions. We are also vigilant against any certificate fraud by suppliers, safeguarding your interests.


There is nothing more important to our Neutriherbs Skincare Team than that you get the best skincare products of your store shelf.

premium quality

Our ingredients selection has all been sourced and selected to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

express delivery

We prioritize punctuality, ensuring your order reach destination within agreed-upon timelines.

expert customer service

We offer 24/7 support. We're here to streamline your operations and solve the problems that matter.


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